The Trough Sink

In our last post, we talked about how important small details can be in the overall scheme of design, and how sinks contribute so much bang for your buck.  We shared why we love farmhouse sinks, as well as some really neat unique variations on the traditional farmhouse sink.  Today, we’re doing the same thing with trough sinks!  What is a trough sink, you ask?  Well, let me start by saying that you will know it when you see it!  But, to give you some background info, a trough sink (pronounced like “off” with a “tr” at the beginning), is called such because it emulates a food trough that farmers and ranchers use to feed their animals.  It is long, with multiple faucets, and while it can be similar to a farmhouse sink, it is usually set into the counter-top and lacks the apron that characterizes it’s farmhouse counterpart.  We love trough sinks because they bring a fantastic rustic vibe to a space that no “normal” sink ever could.  They transport you directly back to the ranch, without ever having to leave your own bathroom!

Today we’re going to share some fantastic trough sinks.  Some of them are traditional troughs that fit seamlessly into their environments, and others are unique twists on troughs that add a big bang to their space.


This is the most common version of the trough sink.  See, I told you you’d recognize it!  It looks beautiful here set into the hand hewn wood vanity top, and the more finished mirror frame and sconces add a nice contrast of styles… very elegantly rustic!

Trough Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


This is a western bathroom from one of our projects located at the Steamboat ski-area.  Here, the trough sink completes the rustic barn feel with ease and style!

Trough Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range


The stone trough sink on the chunk work bench vanity, along with the plumbing, backsplash, mirror, and textured walls make for an absolutely incredible space.  There are no words for this- it’s beautiful.

Trough Sink | Home on the Range

Image via The Gifts of Life


Here’s another fun and funky bathroom with an unusual twist on the trough sink.  It looks to me like a giant old dough-bowl.  All of the different components create a look that is rustic all the way!  What do you like about this bathroom?

Trough Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Ragland Hill Social


This final trough sink was hand forged by a blacksmith.  It doesn’t get any more unique than that!  It fits in so beautifully with the also hand hewn beam vanity, and once again the contrasts here really add interest!

Trough Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

These sink posts have been one small example of how important the little details can be to the overall outcome in design.  Whether it’s rugs, hardware, plumbing, lighting, furniture or finishes, each element should be well thought out and carefully selected if you want your end result to be just perfect!

For more rustic rooms, sink ideas, details and tips, visit us on Pinterest, or follow us on Facebook!  To learn more about details and design services, contact us today for a consultation!




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Reply April 7, 2014

Where did you find the sink? I love it!

Reply April 7, 2014

Sorry, I thought I was only posting under the long white one....

    Reply April 14, 2014

    Hi Denise! Both of the white sinks are from Kohler, they are just two different sizes of the same sink actually! The model is the Kohler Brockway, and they come in 3,4,5 and 6 foot lengths!

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