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We have been getting ALL SORTS of new things at the showroom in the last few months!  Lamps, rugs, accessories, mirrors, and lots and lots of pillows… and more is on the way!  Here is a little smattering of some of the newest gems!


This is just one of the many beautiful rugs we have- all different shapes and sizes!


This glass pine cone platter is really pretty!  We also have smaller “dipping plates” to match.


We have lots of new adirondack twig and birch accessories, this is one of my favorites!


This is an Axis pillow- an Axis is an animal, have you ever heard of it?  The pillow is soft, and looks so neat and unique.

photo 1

How cute is this zebra print rug?  It’s not real zebra, it’s actually a printed cowhide.  Pretty neat!

photo 2

We got quite a few different types of vintage winter equipment- skis, snowshoes, snowshoe shelves, and snowshoe tables!  We’re pretty excited about them, they’re unique and perfect for Steamboat.


This candle holder is made from old tequila barrels, and holds three round candles.  We are also getting one that holds 5 candles, as well as wall sconces and vases!


This table-top is also made from an old tequila barrel.  It looks so great in person that we ordered four of them!


We also love this deerskin pillow.  The fringe and beads are a great western accent!

WD1333 deerskin tan fiesta

This faux fur pillow and throw are called the “feathers” collection… isn’t that a great name?  They’re so soft and fluffy, that the name fits perfectly.  They will help add a creative texture to any space.


This is only a small portion of our huge selection of new inventory, and more is coming (and going) every day!  Stop in today and let us help you pick out the perfect accents for your home!  Click here for hours, contact info and driving directions!

Can you read the title of this post?  It’s okay if you can’t, I just made it up.  I combined the words rustic and eclectic because I thought it best defined one of my very favorite styles of design.  Rusticlectic spaces are beautiful and unique, and no two are alike because the combination of design and materials are so unique and personal.

There is nothing that particularly classifies a “rusticlectic” space, but you will know one when you see it.  They can be colorful, or neutral.  They can be bold or subtle.  One thing that they do all have is a glorious mix of materials.  These spaces can mix rustic, modern, cabin, contemporary, southwest, cottage, minimalist, lodge, shabby, chic, bohemian, you name it.   Are you still wondering what a rusticlectic room might look like?  Here are some of my favorite examples!


What this room lacks in color, it makes up for in style!  It mixes western cow skulls and laced leather pillows with a more western contemporary sheepskin throw and burlap barrel shades, with a native throw pillow, a bohemian woven swing, and to top it off a farmhouse crocheted quilt!  Beautiful!

Rusticlectic Room | Home on the Range




This space is a prime example of mixing materials.  I love the layered rugs (though they’re not for everyone they can look beautiful in the right space!), and the mismatched chairs- it’s neat how the chairs are the same style but with different finishes.  The white brick on the wall helps to lighten the room and add another textural dimension!


Rusticlectic Room | Home on the Range



Here are some “rusticlectic” soft goods- colorful and cultural with a rustic feel


Rusticlectic | Home on the Range


Rusticlectic | Home on the Range



Here’s another room without a lot of color that still packs a big punch.  The reclaimed wood with the whitewashed ceilings and walls is a great contrast.  Here we see fur, fair isle, and Suzani-ish patterns come together with a rustic industrial twist.  Love it!


Rusticlectic Room | Home on the Range




This room is a little bit more on the shabby side of chic than I normally prefer, but I love the concept!  Barnwood, colorful prints, and a bold rug look great, and so does the “photo wall”!


Rusticlectic Room | Home on the Range




Here is a beautiful rusticlectic room!  I love the colors and the canopy mixed with the rustic shutters and reclaimed accents- it looks like an old gypsy caravan built right into the house!


Rusticlectic Room | Home on the Range


This room combines almost everything that rusticlectic has to offer!  Modern lines on the furniture transition to ethnic prints scattered throughout.  The woodburning fireplace, leather pillows and reclaimed floor help to drive home the rustic aspects of this living room, and the whitewashed wood walls and ceiling provide a cozy cottage feel!  I bet each accessory has it’s own special story!


Rusticlectic Room | Home on the Range

Welcome to the wonderful wold of rusticlectic!  Don’t be surprised if Houzz adds it as a new category… just remember that you saw it here first!  Haha!  What term best describes your favorite style?

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Guess what?  We are currently help renovate and remodel an old bunk house near Estes Park, CO!  The house is super funky, crazy and unique.  It began as one very small building that was a livery (where animals are kept and boarded) years and years and years ago.  From there, new rooms were added one by one, so each room is on its own level, with its own ceiling height, and it’s own shape and angle!  It’s crazy!  But so much fun to work on- we get to come up with ideas to update the bunk house, while at the same time keeping it funky and historical.  Here are some of the design inspirations we’re using!

Image via Home on the Range


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Well we’re still not quite there yet.  Here in Steamboat it was dumping snow yesterday, but we are definitely having more and more nice days, where the temperature gets up to 40 or 50 degrees!  To us, that feels like a balmy 70 or 80, and it’s not unusual to see people in shorts this time of year!  As always, I am daydreaming away of the time when I can put on my own shorts (I should mention that I’m not part of the Polar Bear Club), and take a stroll by the river and pick some daffodils.  Like I said though, not quite there yet.

I think that a lot of other people must be feeling the same as I do, because all around social media I’m seeing spring fever carried over into decor.

Soft pastels,

Colorful Bottles | Home on the Range


Springtime Decor | Home on the Range


open windows,

Springtime Decor | Home on the Range

light and airy spaces,

Springtime Decor | Home on the Range

plants and flowers,

Springtime Decor | Home on the Range


Springtime Decor | Home on the Range

I love springtime decor!


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