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We will work with you on everything from accessorizing a single room to complete interior finishes and furnishings for remodels or new construction. We have also developed a number of furnishing packages for condos and townhomes that focus on great style, durability and timelessness.

Below is a list of some of our main services:

• Space planning – helping you determine the best placement of your furniture

• Materials selection

o Cabinetry

o Tile

o Countertops

o Floor coverings

o Plumbing fixtures

o Light fixtures.

• Interior finish concept and selection

• Millwork – interior trim specifications

• Lighting consulting and specification

• Furniture and fabric selection – including bedding and window treatments

• Artwork and accessory selection and placement

• Management of delivery & installation

• Staging for model homes or for the sale of a home

• Handholding


~How We Work~

We begin with a complimentary one hour design consultation session where we get to know each other. You tell us about your project and what your vision and goals are so that we can get an idea of how we can best help you. We tell you about our firm and how our billing process works and then we each determine if we are a good fit for each other. If you are interested we can visit homes we have completed so you can see first-hand how we put everything together.

Once we have determined that we would like to work together, we execute a services agreement and receive a design retainer that we hold until the end of the job and return with the final billing. The size of the retainer depends on the scope of the job.

Our general billing structure is as follows although it will vary somewhat depending on our role is in your project:

Lynne Bier’s design fees stay the same for all services but for other designers and design assistants, we bill hourly design fees on a sliding scale based on the following services:

• Meetings

• Research for and selection and specification of all finishes

• Communication with builders, subcontractors or with you, the client

• Space planning

• Furniture and soft good design and specification

• CAD and Photoshop services

• Creation of a book with project details

• Supervision of the installation of furniture, bedding, window treatments & accessories

You receive a 20% discount on all items purchased or ordered from Home on the Range retail.  Since we are stocking dealers for many lines, our pricing is often significantly less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing – even before your discount.

Freight, handling and delivery a from the warehouse  is billed at cost.

If we are purchasing through the Design Center or other outside source we bill at a cost + 30%.



Our staging services can help you when you put your house on the market. We can come into your home and work with your existing furnishings or we can bring in furniture and accessories depending on your needs.

Pricing for staging services is available and we will be happy to meet with you to go over the various options.


~Packages – Designed for the Western Lifestyle~

Our combined 40+ years of experience sourcing quality products with good value have enabled us to create a number of exceptional furnishing packages for townhomes and condos. Our home furnishing packages are designed to save you both time and money. There are a number of choices you can make within each package to customize it to your individual tastes and still stay within the same pricing structure.

The selection of furniture and fabrics is geared to the second home/rental market with a focus on durability and timeless design. Our packages are designed to create a cozy and inviting home where people can feel comfortable putting their feet up on the coffee table. The key fabrics are neutral but texturally interesting and we use accent pillows, throws and accessories to enhance the selected style -this way the look never gets dated and the pillows and accessories can easily be changed out if you decide to sell your place to a buyer with different tastes.

Designing for the Western lifestyle has evolved beyond the classic cowboy and moose motifs, so we have developed an eclectic blend of furnishings with a focus on the four styles that reflect today’s Steamboat design scene. There are two price level packages for each style.

Mountain Contemporary – This is a blend of furnishings and fabrics with contemporary lines and natural materials. Reclaimed wood and various metals are key components of this style.

Mountain Transitional – Clean lines and an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary furnishings and accessories make up this style.

Mountain Lodge – With a focus on bringing the feel of the outdoors into your home, this line of furnishings has natural fabrics and the colors of nature. The pieces selected tend toward a more “Old World” style and are less streamlined than the rustic contemporary or transitional styles.

Western – the true heritage of Steamboat is that of the Old West. This line is designed to reflect that heritage in a subtle way with the use of leathers and old woods with appropriately complementary fabric selections.

We have a number of builders we can recommend with whom we work well and who can take care of any construction needs.