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Big news!  The “Ask the Designer” series that we have been doing here on the blog is featured in this issue of Mountain Living magazine!  We love everyone over at Mountain Living, and love reading the magazine (and looking at all of the beautiful pictures!) in every issue.   Pick up the July copy of Mountain Living- you can find our feature in The Latest section, where they feature fun, up and coming events and information from the mountain design industry.  Or, you can also check it out online when the digital edition comes out!

If you have a design question that you would love an answer to, join our Ask the Designer conversation!  You can post your question on our Facebook page, tweet us, or leave a comment here on the blog! We would love to hear from you with any questions that you might have.

Thanks again Mountain Living!



Did you know that we have a store?  I bet you did.

Did you know that we have 2300 square feet of store?  I bet you didn’t.

We call it a showroom, but it is full of pretty much any neat thing that you would need for your home, and everyone is invited.  Art, furniture, accessories, rugs, gifts, lighting, you name it, we have it.  And, what we don’t have, we can order.  Just for you.  There’s just too much at the showroom for me to give you a full-on virtual tour, so I’m just going to share a few of my personal favorite things that are in stock right now. 

 I just love this coffee table made from an old railway cart.  It’s reclaimed and industrial and western all at the same time!  

Old cart coffee table | Home on the Range

Rail cart coffee table


These vintage “olive buckets” are finding their way into rooms of every style- they look great in shabby chic, country cottage, rustic, industrial chic, western, and even coastal/beach spaces!  We have a few different styles of buckets at the showroom right now, and we are about to fill them up with beautiful summertime flowers!  

Turkish Olive Bucket | Home on the Range

Turkish Olive Bucket


This lamp made from hand cut slate is so beautiful and unique!  I love the colors, shapes and variation in this lamp.  And, what’s even better, we have them in four different shapes and sizes!

Slate Lamp | Home on the Range

Slate Lamp


You may not be able to tell from this picture, but this is a massive floor mirror with beautifully textured reclaimed style wood.  And who doesn’t love a good floor mirror?  This mirror would be absolutely perfect for a mountain/rustic contemporary bedroom, closet or living room.  Actually, it would be perfect for just about anywhere!

Rustic Floor Mirror | Home on the Range

Rustic Floor Mirror


We have actually been carrying these tripod lamps for a while now, and people love them!  Myself included.  They are such perfect additions to rooms where you need a unique but functional focal piece.  We have a table lamp version of this lamp, and a floor lamp version, so no matter what you are looking for we have you covered!

Tripod lamp | Home on the Range

Tripod Lamp


Ok, I know it’s summer time and you may not want to roll yourself up in a fur blanket at the moment, but cozy warmth is NOT the only thing these throws are good for!  We are seeing fur throws used more and more in nearly every design situation to add another level of texture to a space.  These blankies are also great for adding a little bit of warmth and color to a room.  And then, when winter comes back, you start the fire and snuggle up in it!

Faux fur throw | Home on the Range

Faux Fur Throw


These antler plaques are another item that has found itself inserted into numerous different design styles in the last year or so.  I love the details on these little guys, they would look great stacked on either side of a mirror or headboard, or in their own grouping on a wall.

Antler plaques | Home on the Range

Antler Plaques

To see what else we have, you’re just going to have to come peruse for yourself!

Visit our showroom today- 1880 Loggers Lane in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, right next to Cook Chevrolet.  For directions, hours and contact information, visit our website.  See you there!

Everyone loves a rustic space.  Come on, we know you have a whole board dedicated to it on Pinterest, or a whole ideabook for it on Houzz.  But, when it comes to rustic design in your own home, it’s hard to know where to start.  Well, we’re going to make it easy for you!  Follow these 5 steps to a rustic room, and you will have a Home on the Range in no time at all!

1.  Reclaim your space

Reclaimed wood is the first and easiest thing you can do to make your room more rustic.  Think about it (or just look at your Pinterest boards)- everything that you have labeled as “rustic” most likely has some form of reclaimed wood somewhere.  There are so many ways to use reclaimed wood in your space, and the cost and difficulty range from astronomical to miniscule.  For a large scale impact, cover a wall, floor or ceiling with authentic reclaimed barn wood.  The effect that barn wood plank walls have is incredible, they are beautiful, cozy, and pretty much make the room feel rustic without even doing anything else to it.

5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


If you don’t have the money to spend on authentic reclaimed wood, or don’t have the resources to go tear down a barn yourself, try another method that is taking the online DIY design world by storm- PALLETS.  Yes, pallets.  Pallets can be found just about anywhere, usually for free behind a dumpster if you’re willing to haul them yourself.  With the right stain and care, pallet boards can look just as perfectly rustic as barn wood does.  And, technically, pallet wood is reclaimed wood, so there you go.

5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

For a smaller scale project, focus your sights on other pieces that use reclaimed wood- mirror frames, benches, tables, the possibilities are endless!

5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Shanty 2 Chic

2.  Mix Materials

Mixing materials is huge in rustic design.  If you’ve done your research, you’ll notice that the best rustic design pulls from a myriad of creative materials, some of the favorites being wood, stone, twigs and branches, leather, fur, logs and metal.

5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range


The more you use, the more interesting your space becomes.  That’s really what rustic comes from- using what’s available and being resourceful with what you have.


5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range


5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

3.  Repurpose

Along the same lines of using what’s available and being resourceful, repurposing items is a major step in creating a rustic room.  The rustier the better!

5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

There are so many ways to creatively turn old things in to new things, the only limit is your imagination.  Also, when doing your own repurposing, think about how to make your “new to you” items useful.  Create light fixtures, hardware, faucets, sinks, tables, chairs, or art.  Take an item that was once useful for one thing, and transform it into a new item that is useful for something else.

5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest



4. Disguise the new with the old

The next step to creating a more rustic space is adding a rustic or reclaimed twist to the more modern aspects of your room.  Recently, we are seeing a growing trend in “hiding” large flat screen tvs.  Yes, we all have them.  No, no one really wants to see a massive black square in the middle of their wall.  One of my favorite ways to make a tv a little bit more subtle is by adding a frame to it.  If it’s a reclaimed wood frame, even better!

5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Remodelaholic

You can do the same thing with your kitchen appliances.  I know most of you out there are gasping at me and thinking “cover up my stainless?  Excuse me?  Oh no you don’t!” but really, I don’t think stainless is all that great.  Just putting it out there.  I would rather have subtle appliances (maybe with a wood exterior that matches or compliments the cabinets?) that contribute to a more cozy home feel, than stark silver ones that are not, in fact, stainless.

5. Bring the outdoors in

The idea of “rustic” comes from cabins, homesteads, and lodges where natural materials are widely available, but nothing else is.  The last step to creating a rustic room is by using what nature has to offer.  Some of my favorite rustic pieces incorporate really natural looking twigs and branches.

5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


I love tree trunk tables, live edge furniture, bedposts made from branches, and unique log work.  There is nothing more rustic than feeling like you are a part of nature itself!

5 Steps to a Rustic Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

If you follow these steps, you will be living in an adorable rustic home in no time.  Do a little, do a lot, do whatever you want, but remember to make it your own!  For more ideas on creating your own rustic space, visit us on Facebook and Pinterest– you’ll love what you see!  Or, check out our website to see what rustic means to us.  For all of the rustic pieces you could ever want to get your hands on, stop in to our showroom today!


Hello and welcome to week 3 of Ask the Designer!  We only have 2 Q&A’s for you this week, because we only received 2 questions- so let’s step it up here people!  I know that each and every one of you has a question about this or that or how or when or why, and we would love to answer them for you!  So don’t be shy, we’re all friends here- and you never know, your question might help someone else in the same situation!  Ok, now that the lecture is over, let’s get going with Ask the Designer!

Question 1: 

Joni asks: How do you know when to do carpet, wood or tile?

Answer: Here are our rules of thumb, however keep in mind that rules are made to be broken and it’s your house so you can do whatever you want!!

We use tile in a bathroom, laundry, entry, mudroom or kitchen.  Anywhere that is prone to water sitting on the floor, or appliances overflowing.  In our cold climate you will want to be sure you have in-floor heating under the tile or you will be hopping from one foot to the other as you brush your teeth!

When to use tile, wood or carpet | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range

We tend to use carpet in bedrooms where you want to step out of bed in your bare feet onto a soft surface.  The other place to use carpet is for lower levels where you don’t want to spend the money for wood.  Stairs can be carpeted if you have little ones running up and down them in stocking feet because wood tends to get pretty slippery and you wouldn’t want anyone to take a nose dive!  Carpet is also good for deadening the sound of clunking feet, so you might want to use it in locations where there is a playroom, a child’s bedroom or a media room overhead.

When to use tile, carpet or wood flooring | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range

Wood is my favorite!  It warms up a room, adds character and provides a perfect backdrop for gorgeous area rugs, Wood isn’t hard to walk on like tile is, and wood goes with just about anything!  I love wood in kitchens (oops I just broke my rule of thumb!) but I always caution my clients that if a dishwasher overflows while they are away and it isn’t mopped up quickly, the wood will cup and may have to be replaced.  In the last 25 years that has yet to happen to one of my clients, but I have heard some nightmare stories so you do need to weigh the risks!!!

Ask the Designer: When to use carpet, tile or wood | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range

I have seen lots of tile in living rooms, wood in kitchens and carpet in bathrooms (I always want to go in and tear that right out!) so again, this is just a rule of thumb and you will want to think about how it works for you!


Question 2:

Mary asks:   I have seen a lot of vessel sinks in friend’s homes and even establishments and i think they are nice-looking sinks and definitely a great choice. I wonder though, how much it would cost and is it possible to do the installation ourselves?

Answer: Vessel sinks are fantastic for bathrooms that aren’t going to get everyday use.  As you mentioned, they are nice-looking and there are myriad styles and materials to choose from.  If you don’t want to spend much money, you can go down to the nearest flea market and buy an old bucket that you can turn into a vessel sink.

Ask the Designer: Installing your own vessel sink | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range

We put a petrified wood vessel sink in a house we completed about a year ago, and it added a fun accent to a small powder room.

Ask the Designer: How to incorporate a vessel sink | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range

There are some beautiful glass sinks with leaves or fish in them, and hand cast bronze sinks that can cost several thousand dollars!  Here’s a sink from Kohler that we put in an Arts and Crafts home.  It isn’t too expensive and yet adds a nice touch.

Ask the Designer: How to incorporate a vessel sink for less | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range

I bet you are wondering why I said not to put it in a bathroom that gets everyday use.  The reason for that is twofold.  First, it needs to sit on a lower vanity – or you wouldn’t be able to get your hands into the sink.   We usually keep the top of the vessel sink at about 36 to 38” depending on the style of the sink.  If the top of the sink sits 8” above the countertop, then you end up with a 28” high countertop.  That’s fine when you aren’t doing much in the bathroom except for washing your hands but it is quite low for a normal bath vanity.

The other issue with vessel sinks is that they tend to be messier.  They are hard to shave in, or wash your face in.  There is a splash factor going on with a vessel sink that you don’t get with a standard sink.  But, again, that’s not to say that rules aren’t made to be broken- we’re just trying to give you all those extra little bits of information that you might not hear otherwise!

If you’re looking to go the DIY route and create and install your vessel sink yourself, here’s a little bit of helpful information on “how to”.  Good luck on your project!

That wraps up this month’s edition of Ask the Designer-  if you have a question that you want to submit for our next round, you can leave a comment right here on the blog, tweet it to us, or submit it through Facebook or Pinterest… we make it pretty easy for you!  And don’t forget, no question is too big or too small for us to answer!

We just love upcycling things, don’t we?  I’m always thrilled to find new uses for old things, and I’ve been seeing some great ideas for repurposing old barrels.  Barrels are easier to find than you might think, you can find truly vintage ones in antique and consignment stores.  Or, if you are a little bit less worried about the historical significance of your barrel, you can also pick one up at your local home improvement store (hint: look in the garden section).  While there are probably a million different ideas for barrel renovation, these are a few of my favorites:


Barrel Tables: Both of these tables are great.  They really show the variety in what you can do with barrels- right side up, the first picture is beautiful with a piece of glass used as a table top.  While you can put whatever you want inside the barrel as decoration, the dried grass in this barrel helps contribute to the cottage feel.  The “glass on top” method (as I just decided to call it) is a more elegant way to display your reclaimed barrel- the mason jar flowers and little votive candles are also an adorable touch.

Barrel table with glass | Home on the Range

Image via Decor It Darling

The second picture stays just a little bit more rustic, sitting upside down eliminates the need for a glass top, but you can still dress it up any way you want!  I love the lantern that they used in the photo.  The upside down barrel table would be a beautiful addition to a patio as pictured, but could also fit perfectly into your living room as an end table.  If you are starting with a full barrel and cutting it, make sure to measure the arm height of the furniture piece that it will be situated next to, so that you can make sure it doesn’t end up too big or to small for your space!

Barrel table | Home on the Range

Image via Classic and Colorful


Barrel Vanity:  Tell me this isn’t the neatest thing you’ve ever seen!  This barrel has been repurposed into a functional and incredibly stylish vanity.  I think the thing that I love the most about this picture is that the bathroom isn’t rustic to start with- the mix of tiles, wood, and furnishings make it a funky, eclectic, adorable bathroom.  That’s not to say that this wouldn’t look incredible in a rustic style bathroom though- because it would.

Barrel Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Your Amazing Places


Barrel Planter: Now I know that this doesn’t count as an “interior design idea” per se, but I still think it’s a great way to upcycle an old barrel.  A lot of times you see barrels used for planters, but they are so common (and boring!) that we don’t even really notice that they are barrels at all.  This tier system is a great way to display your summer flowers, and also a great way to display your new to you barrel!  If you are DIYing your barrel renovation, this project will be simple (I said simple, not easy).  Cut your barrel into tiered sections, then use pallet boards as the dividers.  Voila!  A gorgeous rustic patio display that is all your own.

Barrel Planter | Home on the Range

Image via Babble


Barrel Mirror: It might be hard to tell, but the mirror in this bathroom is made from a barrel.  Pretty good idea, huh?  Like the Barrel Vanity, this focal piece can add a touch of rustic to any space.  And, while you can really use anything you want to hang your barrel mirror, I love how they used leather strapping in this space to suspend the mirror from a bar above the windows.  Beautiful!

Barrel Mirror | Home on the Range

Image via Home Bunch


The Barrel Bathtub: I saved the best for last!  Now, obviously this isn’t a regular old barrel that you could buy at a hardware store, this is the real deal!  Can you just imagine people stomping around on grapes in this barrel?  Don’t worry, I’m sure they cleaned it.  Everything about the barrel tub is enchanting to me- I love the wood, the hardware, and the galvanized metal interior too!  And it fits so perfectly into the rest of this bathroom, I could just escape to this lovely space and never leave!

Barrel Bathtub | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


For more ideas on barrel renovation, visit us on Pinterest and Facebook!  We have more ideas than you’ll know what to do with!  Or, if you’re looking for ways to accessorize your newly renovated barrel, stop into the showroom and see what you find!

Here’s something a little bit different for you today!  It’s hump day, and we thought you might need something to feast your tired eyes upon to help get you through the week.  While many of our other posts have neat ideas, helpful tips and fantastic products, this post today is solely created for your visual pleasure.  Enjoy!

Colorful Boats | Home on the Range

Image via 500px

Colorful flowers | Home on the Range

Image via We Heart It

Colorful Mountain Lake | Home on the Range

Image via Systema Saturnium

Colorful Grapes | Home on the Range

Image via IMG Fave

Colorful Ocean Sunset | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

Colorful Paintbrushes | Home on the Range

Image via Victoria Station

Colorful Statue | Home on the Range

Image via I am made of chalk.

Colorful Southwest Door | Home on the Range

Image via My Fotolog

Colorful Stairway | Home on the Range

Image via Street Art Utopia

Colorful India | Home on the Range

Image via Emilialua

Colorful Shutters | Home on the Range

Image via Tassels


For more color inspiration, visit us on Facebook and Pinterest!







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