Rustic Bunk Rooms

In a post a few weeks ago, I told you guys about a bunkhouse that we are currently working on outside of Estes Park, CO.  It has been so much fun to come up with ideas for the different rooms, and ways to keep each room funky and unique.  To go along with the bunkhouse style, we are doing a lot of built in bunks and cabinets with different kinds of reclaimed wood.  Since I have bunkhouses on the brain, I thought it would be fun to share some of our different inspiration pictures, along with some other bunkhouse pictures that we aren’t using for this job, but are still pretty neat!


This bunk room is dark, but seems very “lodgy” and comfortable!

Rustic Bunk Room | Home on the Range

Image via Ski Lodge


I love the curtain and the reclaimed wood in this little bunk nook!

This is an incredibly rustic bunk room!  The big logs are beautiful!
Rustic Bunk Room | Home on the Range

Image via Tumblr


Look!  This room is covered in canvas!  I absolutely love the feel that all of these elements create!


The natural trunks and branches add so much to this room, they really help it feel like it’s a part of nature, and look great with the beams!

Rustic Bunk Room | Home on the Range

Image via Imgfave


 The light wood and fur throws make this look like a very classy bunk room!

Rustic Bunk Room | Home on the Range

Image via A Quieter Storm


This room is so cute!  I love how the beds are tucked away in the corners of the room.

This is a big bunk room!  It has a sink and everything!


I love the mix of the chinked timber and metal ladders in this room, and the rug on the floor is really pretty too!

Rustic Bunk Room | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

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