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Who doesn’t want a library in their house?  I know I sure do.  I think it might have started when I was a little girl watching Beauty and the Beast, or it may just be because I love books so much, but the idea of having my very own special library just tickles me to death.  There are so many ways to create your own in-home library, whether you have a lot of space, or just a little bit.  Adding a library to your home gives it that little extra touch of class and personality that will set it apart from all others.

Here are some of our favorite library inspirations, along with some little tips for getting started.

1.  To create a library, all you REALLY need is a lot of books, the rest will follow.

Image via Institute of Man

2.  Ladders help… so do spiral staircases.

Image via Der Buch Blog

Image via Bodie and Fou

3.  If you have an entire room to dedicate to your library, the possibilities are endless.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Beautiful-Libraries

4.  If you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to your library, the possibilities are endless.

 Hallways are perfect for libraries:

Image via Home on the Range

Stairwells work great too: 

Image via Space Says

       Or, use an empty wall:

Image via Falling is Like This

For advice on taking the plunge to create your in-home library, stop into Home on the Range.  We have shelves, chairs, bookends, candles, lamps, and anything else you might need to bring your library dreams to life.


Image via Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Get it?  Going “Stag”? We crack ourselves up sometimes.  But seriously, today we are going to talk about a new trend that is very “deer” to our hearts (oops, did it again).  It’s a trend that brings traditional icons into the modern age: using antlers and taxidermy in interior design.

Image via Cote de Texas

I think this trend is developing as an add-on to the rustic cabin/mountain lodge craze that we have been seeing over the past year.  And, just like with the cabin craze, it seems that people are re-creating a classic figure.  They are taking the deer head, a rustic lodge accessory that is steeped in tradition, and turning into something different that fits a newer definition of style.  Instead of seeing massive taxidermied elk glaring down at us with glassy eyes, we are seeing antlers incorporated into centerpieces.  We are seeing smaller animal skulls mounted on plaques.  We are seeing subtle signs of wildlife in the home that give us the overall impression of a rugged environment, without being visually assaulted by it.

Image via Pinterest

Now, if you are a lover of (live) animals, or are still scarred from that scene in Bambi (you know the one I’m talking about), don’t fret.  You can still hop on the stag-wagon… we’ll show you how.

Image via Pinterest

In many spaces, hunting trophies are actually being replaced by faux taxidermy. Wooden deer heads can be mounted over mantles, and statues can take the place of skulls.  Remember not to forego the purchase of antler accessories for “moral reasons”.  Did you know that elk actually shed their antlers every year?  In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Boy Scouts then collect these antlers and auction them off to fund their program, and that is where the majority of your antler products come from.

Image via Spring Creek Ranch

You can also consider other ideas to enhance your room, like bringing the deer off of the wall.  Using other stag accessories like pillows, throws, art, towels, etc. can really help you create a cohesive feeling in your space.

If you’ve just been absolutely dying to bring some modern tradition into your home, here are some ideas for you.  These are all products that we have in the Home on the Range showroom right now!  Don’t delay, or you could “deer”ly regret it (okay I’m done, I promise!)

Stag Pillow

Stag Tea Towel

Wooden Deer Head

Deer Sculptures

Plaque Mounted Antelope

The cabin is making its comeback this year.  The words “rustic”, “cozy”,”cabin”, “distressed”, “lodge”, “homestead”, and “reclaimed” have been sprinkled throughout websites like Pinterest and Houzz in the last few months.  However these are no dilapidated, public-use Forest Service cabins… no, these Boy Scout camps of the past have been given makeovers to become more sophisticated versions of their former selves.  People are taking the idea of a cabin and transforming it to become a reflection of their own unique personalities.

At Home on the Range, we couldn’t be more excited about this “new trend”.  Why?  Because we are cabin people and we always have been.  The rustic West is what we know and love, and it’s what we do best.  Cabins represent nostalgia, appreciation for nature’s beauty, and a simpler time and way of life. Cabin style fits right in with the rugged elegance of our Colorado surroundings, and we are long practiced in picking and choosing the remnants of the past, and incorporating them into something that is new and completely tailored to our clients’ Western lifestyles.

Below are some of our favorite cabin styles.  Are you as in love with cabins as we are?  If so, join our Pinterest group!  You can find our “Cabin Style” community board here.  Just leave a comment below this post (or on Facebook) and we will add you as a pinner to the new Home on the Range (Lynne Barton Bier) community board, where you can share all of your favorite cabin pins with us and the world.  You can also invite your friends!

  • To me this screened-in porch dining area really exemplifies a “cabin” with the chinked timber, stone, and reclaimed accents.  The candle chandelier adds an element of elegance that makes this cabin feel sophisticated and updated without detracting from the absolute coziness of this space.

Image via Home on the Range on Houzz


  •  People love cabins because they symbolize a retreat and escape from real life, and this cabin provides that escape in the most idyllic setting.  Don’t you think this looks like  heaven?

Image via Houzz

  •  This happy space gives a feeling of warmth and security, while still providing a prominent sense of the outdoors with its large picture windows.  The details in this room are fantastic, did you notice the camping lantern incorporated into the ceiling fan?

Image via Pinterest

  • In this room the old comes together with the new.  The chinked timber, reclaimed wood beams and traditional quilts compliment the chandelier and leather arm chairs in a subtle way that kind of makes you feel like a glamorous Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Image via Home on the Range on Houzz


If you have just been dying to cabin-ify your own life, be sure to stop into Home on the Range to see our handpicked collection of “Cabin Lifestyle Accessories”.

Do you ever just feel like you need to escape sometimes?  We all know the feeling: like you just need a little hideaway to curl up in with a good book, away from the rest of the world.  Not forever, just for a little while… in a space that is comfortable, calming, unique and special.

When you imagine your happy hideaway, do you picture it in the attic or a closet?  Probably not.  You probably conjure up dreams of deserted islands, tiny forest cottages, and other faraway fantasies, but you just might change your mind when you see some of our favorite in-home nooks and crannies.  The best thing about these special spots is that you don’t have to undergo a major remodel to achieve one.  In fact, you can create a super relaxing room of your own with almost any extra space you might have available… the more obscure and hidden in the house, the better.

Have an empty attic or crawl space?  We love these cozy hidden gems:

Image via Pinterest

Image via Houzz

What about a hall closet or pantry?

Image via Cheez Burger

Image via Joie De Vivre

You can even make a special reading nook right in plain sight… it could even be your own BEDROOM!

Image via R&R corner

There are a few important elements to keep in mind when creating your in-home escape.

  • Comfort is key.  Fill your cranny with pillows, blankets, bean bags, etc… as many as you can, floor to ceiling if you have to!
  • Style it up.  This is your very own special space, and you want it to be a calm, happy place to be.  If it’s filled with things that you absolutely love, then you will love escaping to it!
  • Function.  Make sure that you can actually use the space (i.e. you’re not trying to relax or de-stress in a 2×2 broom closet).  If your room is windowless, consider adding some extra lights to the room.  Unless you want to sit in the dark, and then that is up to you.

There are so many ways to make a special little nook in your home, if you need help with ideas, feel free to ask!  You can find us on Facebook, or at our showroom (where we have LOTS of hideaway friendly furniture and accessories.

Images via mary schanner photography

Your home isn’t just a reflection of your taste; it’s a reflection of your life. Photo walls are a great way to showcase your memories, while also displaying what makes you unique.  There is no limit to what you can do with a photo wall.  You can make it simple, elegant, modern, rustic, traditional, eclectic, or any mix of the above.  It all depends on your creativity!

Image via Laura Winslow Photography

Picture walls are a great decorating idea for hallways, stairwells, and even small walls. While picture displays do take some strategic planning as far as placement and frame choice, once done, a photo wall can be the perfect addition to your space.

Image via Mix and Chic

The frames you choose will naturally control which pictures catch the eye first. Don’t be afraid to use different textures, but the frame colors should all compliment the room. Different frame sizes effortlessly add depth to the display and draw attention to certain photos.

Image via attic.

Image via Ciao! Newport Beach

Take a moment to strategize. Tape off space on the floor the same size as your wall, and try out different arrangements.

Image via Crush Cul de Sac

Don’t be afraid to be different. Throw in some sentimental pieces in your frames, such as the letter your mother wrote you on your wedding day or ancient black and white family photos.

Image via Casa in Stile

Try the eclectic (but rapidly growing in popularity) corner arrangement.

Image via Apartment Therapy

Try a different way of hanging photos: use string, rope, clothespins, drawer pulls, whatever you can think of!

Image via Urban Comfort

Image via Shelterness

Make a shelf display.

Image via Two Twenty One

Finally, after you’ve laid out frames and you know the arrangement that works best for you and your space, start from the middle of the wall and work out.  This will make your life much, much easier!

The Home on the Range showroom has TONS of beautiful and unique frames that will help you get your photo wall started, so stop by today!

For other great ways to make your home cozy and inviting, check out our Pinterest page.

A cozy and inviting office is an ideal place to set-up and work this winter. If you create a space that you love being in, then you won’t mind working over-time!

Image via Home on the Range

For your perfect home office, choose a spot in your house that offers you plenty of functional storage space and keeps distractions to a minimum. The location of your office should really be dependent on how you work. If you know that you will easily be distracted by street activity or tempted by a sunny day, consider an office tucked away towards the back of your home.

Or, if you want a bright and energetic space, placing your desk in front of a window might be just the ticket.

Image via Home on the Range

Every great office needs substantial storage. Loose papers and beaten up boxes aren’t just visually unappealing, they also make it hard to function.  Cabinets, shelves and drawers will be your office’s best friend.

Image via

Offices don’t always have to be traditional work spaces either. Your home office can be a reflection of yourself in every way, and you can add flair to your office just like you do in the rest of your home.  Here are a few examples of some of our favorite unique offices:

Image via Splendid Sass

Image via My French Country Home

The last thing to remember when creating your home office is to keep it comfortable. You want to create an environment you enjoy being in. Invest in a comfortable chair and create a welcoming atmosphere, and remember that this is your home office, not a cubicle.

To find your perfect traditional or eclectic office pieces, stop into Home on the Range today!

Houzz has quickly become the most used and well known website for interior design.  Like the Pinterest of homes, it is a way for designers to share their work and projects with other designers, and with the rest of the world.  Home on the Range has been privileged to have multiple projects featured on Houzz, and we are excited to share a few of them with you today.

So Your Style Is: Rustic

“What it is: Rustic style proves the old adage that everything comes full circle. Our pioneer ancestors would get a good laugh out of how fashionable the look is today — they probably dreamed of plastered walls instead of rough logs and carpets instead of bare plank floors. But thanks to rustic style’s unpretentious roots, organic textures and shapes, and natural warmth, it’s become as popular in the heart of the city as it is out in the woods….” click here to read the rest of the article

“Style Secret: Repurposed Objects

To a large extent, rustic style is about making do with what you have — just as it was in the old days. Found objects are key: old pails turned into sinks, wire baskets transformed into light fixtures, wooden crates reimagined as stair treads. It’s less about whimsy than about creating a sense of invention by necessity.

Inspired addition:Rustic interiors lend themselves to cross-pollination with industrial style. Feel free to take a bit of a risk with accents such as offbeat lighting, decorative displays and artwork. You can also turn to folk art. With its self-sufficient, homegrown appeal, folk art looks particularly nice in rustic rooms….” click here to read the rest of this article


Wagon Wheels Are on a Roll


“Wagon wheel chandeliers have been on the scene for some time, but this two-tier version — complete with lantern-style shades — looks especially chic. It brings down the high ceiling in this great room and enhances the Western sensibility of a Colorado mountain home…” click here to read the rest of the article

City View: Sweeping Design Soars

“I was born in the 1970s, so when I think of Denver, I think of Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan and the rest of the clan over at DynastyI also think of the opposite end of the spectrum, Outward Bound programs. Like a lot of the rest of the country, I have a view of Denver that’s all kinds of wrong. While the city and its surrounding areas are full of people who love an outdoor adventure, this doesn’t mean they don’t have style. These adventurous Coloradans draw inspiration from viewing and exploring the spectacular landscape around them, as well as from preserving it…” click here to read the rest of the article
“I believe that the biggest misconception about Denver style and the style for the surrounding mountain area is that it is very traditional and western. On the contrary, Denver is becoming well known for its cutting-edge contemporary design style, where rustic elements are often intermingled with contemporary lines and furnishings,” says Lynne Bier of Home on the Range Interiorsclick here to read the rest of the article
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