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This quote from Eugene Kane Jr. expresses the important things to remember in life:

“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.”

On this Thanksgiving we, the design team at Home on the Range, are thankful for many things:

  • The amazing community in which we live, where giving and volunteering are a way of life
  • Our loyal customers and clients who have kept us busy and thriving through these tough economic times
  • The inspiration we are able to draw from the spectacular mountain scenery we are privileged to see every day
  • The network of friends we have developed through our business relationships
  • The ability to do what we love every day of our life and make a living from it!
  • Our friends and family who support us and put up with our crazy hours
  • Our design clients who trust us to create surroundings that embody their dreams

May we never take one moment for granted
May we never take ourselves too seriously
May we always be thankful for the creative gifts that have been bestowed upon us

Happy Thanksgiving!

—From the design team at Home on the Range:
Lynne Barton Bier
Susan Howard
Sherry Brown
Kathleen Fledderjohn

Natural materials, old-world craftsmanship and unique architectural elements are trademarks of New Mexico Territorial style. Although most often found in the American Southwest and the Texas Hill Country, the use of reclaimed materials, stone and energy-efficient straw bale and adobe construction create an aesthetic that lends itself to the Rocky Mountain region as well.

The straw bale construction is not only a signature component of adobe-style homes, but its soft lines and undulating surfaces blend beautifully with the reclaimed fir timbers, terra cotta floors and textured plaster walls.

“Nichos” are both practical and decorative elements in adobe architecture and were originally designed to accommodate everything from built-in cabinets to religious artifacts. We incorporated a large arched nicho into the upper hall of this New Mexico Territorial style home to hold a beautiful antique cabinet with a rich aqua painted finish. Native American rugs, like the one you see on the wall, are a great way to blend the New Mexico style into a Rocky Mountain home.

Below is another example of incorporating “nichos” in New Mexico Territorial design.

The use of antique shutters inset into the walls as windows creates both function and interest.

Reclaimed wood bookshelves add interest to the Kiva-style fireplace wall and provide a wonderful framework for displaying a collection of books and pottery.

The shady colonnaded back porch with its colorful Mexican blankets and pillows provides the perfect spot to enjoy the view while staying out of the hot mid-day sun.

Our goal at Home on the Range is to work with our clients to create timeless interiors that reflect their individual tastes and style preferences. Click on the “Like what you see” button on the right to schedule a complimentary consultation or to find out more about any of our projects.

Images: Photos by Tim Murphy; Interior designs by Home on the Range; Architecture by Joe Patrick Robbins, AIA; Builings by Cogswell Construction

With Thanksgiving arriving next week, people are already thinking about decorating ideas for their holiday table setting. We want to offer inspiration with a look at some of our favorite decorated tables as well as a list of products perfect for Thanksgiving.

HGTV has put together a wonderful slideshow of “15 Stylish Thanksgiving Table Settings,” and we narrowed them down to our favorite four.

This Tuscan-inspired dining space looks gorgeous.

A turkey centerpiece surrounded by autumnal acorns make this a beautifully themed table.

These white pumpkin place card holders add seasonal fun.

Deep purple works well for fall, and the gourds and pears bring in a bit of nature.

Park Designs has a number of products we love for Thanksgiving decorating. Here are a few must-have items:

A stylish candle holder

Colorful leaf placemats and fall napkins

And a Thanksgiving dish towel that reminds us of what the holiday is all about

Click the “Like what you see?” button on the right to contact Home on the Range Interiors and find out how to purchase these products for your holiday table.

Photos: 1-4 via HGTV; 5-8 via Park Designs

At Home on the Range Interiors, we enjoy designing unique  spaces that are personalized for each client. To accomplish that goal we are constantly on the lookout for fun, interesting new products from around the world. Take a look at 10 of our favorite eclectic furniture pieces that will add interest to your room and keep it from being too serious!

The first four items are from Arteriors because the company has so many unique offerings!

The great design of this chair gives it a sculptural appeal that blends art with function. 

The metal patina on this  Arteriors Costello iron accent table adds a rustic touch to a contemporary design .

Use this Arteriors driftwood table to bring in an earthy, natural element.

The simple lines of Arteriors’ Hugo iron-and-leather X-base bench pair well with  a cowhide  seat – perfect for a Western aesthetic or to add an unexpected touch to any decor. 

Dovetail’s Madeline Console is an environmentally friendly option, as it’s made from reclaimed wood.

This Moderno buffet cabinet from GrassRoots would look beautiful and glam in a rustic dining room.

Enjoy the textural appeal of this wooly stool from Rags Home Furnishings.

If you liked sitting in a bean bag as a kid, this upscale adult bean-bag style chair from Rags is for you. 

This Athena chair from Sam Moore offers a great punch of color.

And this DecorAsian loveseat is a wonderful seat for two.

Contact Home on the Range to find out how we can help add a fun and eclectic vibe to your  home.

New lighting regulations set to begin in January 2012 have resulted in an emergence of lighting technology beyond incandescent bulbs. Since lighting is such an integral part of interior design, Home on the Range Interiors has kept up with these changes and innovations.

One New York Times article explains the new regulations as well as the difference in all the bulbs out there in layman’s terms, and we love that the author discusses how this technology fits into home design, pointing out the best options for each room in the house.

Selecting the correct Kelvin temperature is of especial importance since this affects the color of light emitted. So in Western style homes where designing with warm colors is king, light with a lower color temperature—around 3,000 Kelvins—will illuminate a space with a soft glow.

Incandescent bulbs are often energy inefficient, which has led to the popularity of compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Now, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are offering even more energy savings, and new technology has led to LED options that can illuminate in every direction, The New York Times reports.  The other advantage to the LED light is that it is green and doesn’t present the same disposal issues as the fluorescent bulbs.

For an excellent explanation of new lighting technology and how it will affect your bulb shopping come January, read this New York Times piece.

If you’d like help illuminating your space to show off its interior design in the best light, contact Home on the Range in Colorado.

 Image  by dan /

A great place to start your room can be with an oriental carpet, a favorite piece of art or a fabric that you love. At Home on the Range Interiors, we have even used stone walls as our starting point! Once you have the key element selected, it will become the inspiration for the other colors, fabrics and finishes in the room.

In this Western Mine Style Home, designer Lynne Bier started with the purple moss rock the clients had selected and that was used throughout the house. The fabrics and finishes she selected to complement the rock were blends of the colors in the rock. The soft moss green, purple hues and red flecks of garnet made a beautiful color palette for this home.

In this Pioneer Homestead Home, we began with the colorful rugs and weavings the owner had collected from areas as diverse as Morocco, South Africa and the American Southwest. This bright, bold palette cried out for fabrics and wall colors that were neutral and that would create a backdrop for the colorful textiles. The color was then pulled back out in key furniture pieces.

The vibrant turquoise paint on the sofa table repeats the turquoise color in the Moroccan rug.

Our client in this home is an artist, and we used the piece of art she selected to hang in the entry as the color inspiration for this space.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Pick something you love and then create your room around itgive it a try, and let us know how you do!

–Lynne Barton Bier, Owner/Principal Designer, Home on the Range

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