The Farmhouse Sink

At Home on the Range, we are detail people.  While we know that the “big picture” is important, we also know that it is the tiny details that actually make up the big picture.  We try to focus on every tiny thing in the space, including fixtures, finishes, trim, flooring, furniture, fabric, leather, accessories, materials, etc, because we know that each one of these things contributes to the overall feel of the room, and if the details don’t work together, then the “big picture” is flawed.  Little things that seem insignificant, like sinks, light fixtures, and hardware, can make or break your space.  We love creating rustic, western, and mountain designs, and farmhouse and trough sinks are great additions to these themes.  Today I want to show you some great examples of some sinks that don’t detract from or neutralize their spaces, but instead contribute a huge style element that would otherwise be overlooked.


Just for fun, we’ll start out with the most traditional farmhouse sink.  The deep bucket with an apron across the front is what characterizes a farmhouse sink, though these days there are so many creative variations on the original!

Farmhouse Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Remodelista


Here’s a great example of a “creative variation” on a farmhouse sink.  You can still see the deep bucket and “front apron”, but I love how they used galvanized tubs instead of a single porcelain sink.  What a fun look!

Farmhouse Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Livin’ Easy


This is a bathroom version of a traditional farmhouse sink.  They did a great job of incorporating the apron into the vanity, and the contrasting colors of the vanity, sink and mirror look beautiful together.

Rustic Trough Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Cabinspiration


Here’s another unusual sink- I don’t know if it could really be called a farmhouse sink or not, but I’m still including it in this post because I love it and I think it has the same feel!  Again the use of galvanized metal transports you to a farm or ranch bathroom, and the rivets on the sides add a great visual element too!

Farmhouse Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Givonehome


For more fun and creative design elements, follow us on Pinterest!  You can also like us on Facebook to have daily design inspiration delivered straight to your wall!  Stay tuned for our next post, which will talk about trough sinks, which are another kind of sink that we love to use!



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