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As an interior design firm, Home on the Range understands that one important aspect of being a designer is helping people create functional, practical spaces for their lifestyle. A home should not only be beautiful, but also livable—all while reflecting the personality and style of its inhabitants.

Since  Steamboat is renown for its  skiing and snowboarding, and our clients love to spend time enjoying all the outdoor sports Steamboat has to offer, they naturally  need a place to keep their winter gear. We are always looking for storage solutions that suit the different spaces we have to work with.  Here are three ski and snowboard storage options we found for one of our current design projects :

Chinook four-pair boot and glove dryer

Del Sol Ski Rack

Del Sol Snowboard Rack

There are many options for storing winter gear, which is a necessity in Colorado homes. If you’re interested in both stylish and practical interior design for your home, contact Home on the Range to find out how we can help. Just click the “Like what you see?” button on the right side of the blog to send us a message.

As you may remember from previous blog posts, our designers at Home on the Range often work with local artisans to help create unique and personalized interiors for our clients.  One of our favorite artisans is Greg Grasso of Grasso Glass & Stone.  Greg works with a number of natural materials, including a variety of natural stones and kiln-formed glass, in the fabrication of his custom products.  Greg creates everything from glass and stone tiles to glass and stone countertops.

Greg went to art school in Michigan when he was 17, but rock and ice climbing brought him to Colorado to be a guide. He did not let go of his artistic side, and  finds inspiration in both his “experiences in nature and art school.” As Greg explained to us:

“I pursued learning stone to build a place in which I could work with glass. I enjoy stone very much from my experiences with nature, and glass as an opportunity to work in a seemingly other worldly material. My family has been stone cutters for many, many generations from Sicily—not something I knew when I was originally drawn to stone and art as a young person.”

These are just some of pieces from Greg’s beautiful portfolio of work:

We have enjoyed working with Greg on a number of custom homes and love his great can-do attitude, his attention to detail and his creativity.

Contact Home on the Range Interiors if you’re interested in unique interior design that supports local Colorado artisans.

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and watching people open their gifts with a smile is one of the things we love most about this time of year. For those of you looking for the perfect gift for the decorating enthusiasts and hostesses on your shopping list, Home on the Range designers have compiled a list of nine great holiday gift ideas.

The first three items are from Chandler 4 Corners because they have wonderful pillows.

Dog lovers will be happy incorporating this pillow into their home design.

This snowman pillow also caught our eye…

…as did this seasonal option.

You can never go wrong giving candles as gifts, and we especially like these from Vance Kitira:

Beautiful pillar candles look great on a mantel.

Red tapered candles could be used in dining table centerpieces or other vignettes.

And these votive candles feature nice messages.

Our last few gift suggestions are from Eastern Accents.

They have beautiful holiday products, including these pillows…

…this table runner…

…and these accessories.

If you love these products for the people on your shopping list, contact Home on the Range about how to purchase them. Happy holidays!

Home on the Range designers enjoy creating personalized interiors, and working with local artisans helps us include unique custom details. Julie Anderson of Anderson Ceramic & Design Finishes here in Steamboat Springs, CO enjoys working with an array of materials and mediums in her art, which includes faux finishes, painted murals, ceramics and more. Julie also does American Clay Plaster finishes—a no-VOC, natural pigment clay wall finish made of 70 percent reclaimed material from the marble industry—and her work with Home on the Range includes the installation of two American Clay Plaster jobs.

This is a powder room Julie did for us.

Since Julie’s father is an artist as well, it’s no surprise she enjoyed a plethora of art supplies and encouragement growing up. Much of her work is inspired by nature and science, and, as she explained to us:

“My work is often crisply detailed, contrasting organic forms with geometric forms and inspired by classical design with a contemporary twist. With wall finishes, I pay a great deal of attention to making my walls appear very random, natural and visibly soft, but at the same time providing some drama to a space. I prefer muted, earthy tones, but occasionally I find that bright colors can be used wisely and playfully in certain situations.”

Her aesthetic goes well with the range of styles we achieve at Home on the Range, and of course we appreciate her attention to detail! Take a look at more of her beautiful work:

Julie paints a mural of a heron with rocks below it.

Julie trowel-compresses American Clay plaster on a powder room ceiling.

A hand-carved wheel-thrown ceramic sink by Julie Anderson

A hand-carved ceramic fern mural—with a kiln-formed glass inset by Greg Grasso—in a Steamboat wine cellar

Visit Julie’s website,, to learn more about her and see more of her work. If you’re interested in interior design that incorporates custom artistic works and finishes, contact us at Home on the Range.

Photos: 1 by Tim Murphy Photography; 2-5 courtesy of Julie Anderson

Homeowners often want to change their home’s décor with the change of seasons, and happily, this interior design switch doesn’t have to be too costly or involved. At Home on the Range Interiors, we suggest starting with a neutral base and creating a seasonal look through accessories like area rugs, flowers and wreaths, drapes and throws, duvets, candles and pillows.

Area rugs: 
Incorporate a deep-toned area rug for fall and winter, and then use a lighter-weight option for spring and summer.

A red area rug and throw pillows transform this otherwise neutral room into a great fall and winter space.

Flowers and wreaths:
As they often reflect bits of nature, flowers and wreaths are perfect for seasonal looks.  You can use evergreen wreaths during the holidays, and seasonal blooms the rest of the year.

Drapes and throws:
Lighter-colored curtains work well during the summertime, while heavier materials such as velvet or corduroy work well for winter drapes and throws.

A dark velvet throw draped over your arm chair offers warmth and comfort during the winter.

Seasonal decorating works in every room in the house, including the bedroom. Just switch duvet covers for an instant change, and add extra blankets for fall and winter.

A textural fur blanket adds to the wintry effect of this neutral bedroom.

Add candles. A few bright candles work well during summer. Use reds and golds to make the room feel warmer during the winter.

Bring in different pillows in seasonal colors not only in the living room, but also the bedroom.

Café Mom also offered some wonderful “summer-to-winter” design tips, so you can read her piece for more advice. Contact Home on the Range to find out how we can help you enjoy your home design through every season.

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