Color Inspiration- Blue

Color Inspiration- Blue | Home on the Range

Last week we began a journey into the world of color.  We started with the color green, and shared some unique images of different shades and styles of the same color. This week, we're going to move on to the color blue.  Blue is both beautiful and tricky.  It can be very serene and comforting, and it can also be cold.  Cool colors work well in warm … [Read more...]

Into the Wild

Nature in Design | Home on the Range

I have a very strong love for nature in design.  More than anything, I love rooms that take the outdoors and bring them in.  Where the boundary between interior and exterior is blurred, and you can visit the wilderness from the comfort of your own home.  Bringing nature into the home can be achieved in many ways, but today I want to share some beautiful … [Read more...]

Color Inspiration- Green

Green Interior Design | Home on the Range

We love color.  Color drives the world and how we see it.  No one sees color in the same way, but nevertheless every color has some sort of strong significance to every single person in the world.  It's amazing!  In interior design, we're lucky to get to work with color on a daily basis.  We get to study it, enjoy it, and more interestingly, we get to … [Read more...]

Dreams of Morocco

Moroccan Interior Design | Home on the Range

Let's take a little trip today, shall we?  Around the world perhaps?  To a place buried in the sand, but steeped in culture and history.  A place where the landscape is stark, but the people are colorful and so are their creations.  Where nomads wander and converge and deal and trade. Let's take a trip to Morocco.   Colors, textures and … [Read more...]

New at the Showroom


We have been getting ALL SORTS of new things at the showroom in the last few months!  Lamps, rugs, accessories, mirrors, and lots and lots of pillows... and more is on the way!  Here is a little smattering of some of the newest gems!   This is just one of the many beautiful rugs we have- all different shapes and sizes! This glass pine cone … [Read more...]


Rusticlectic Room | Home on the Range

Can you read the title of this post?  It's okay if you can't, I just made it up.  I combined the words rustic and eclectic because I thought it best defined one of my very favorite styles of design.  Rusticlectic spaces are beautiful and unique, and no two are alike because the combination of design and materials are so unique and personal. There is … [Read more...]

Bunk House Inspiration

Image via Home on the Range

Guess what?  We are currently help renovate and remodel an old bunk house near Estes Park, CO!  The house is super funky, crazy and unique.  It began as one very small building that was a livery (where animals are kept and boarded) years and years and years ago.  From there, new rooms were added one by one, so each room is on its own level, with its own … [Read more...]

Spring Forward

Springtime Decor | Home on the Range

Well we're still not quite there yet.  Here in Steamboat it was dumping snow yesterday, but we are definitely having more and more nice days, where the temperature gets up to 40 or 50 degrees!  To us, that feels like a balmy 70 or 80, and it's not unusual to see people in shorts this time of year!  As always, I am daydreaming away of the time when I can … [Read more...]