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9 Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins | Home on the RangeHalloween is finally here!  It’s easy to “fall” into the Halloween spirit when the leaves change and begin to drift off of the trees, the evening light develops a warm glow, the days become chilly and brisk, and the smell of wood smoke permeates the crisp autumn air.  Jack-o-lanterns, spiders, and ghosts start to dot the neighborhood landscape, and before you know it, Halloween has arrived.

We absolutely love this holiday, though our Halloween decorating style tends to fall somewhat short of super-spooky witches and ghouls.  If, like us, you are looking for a more natural and traditional looking Halloween display, pick up a couple (hundred) pumpkins from the store or pumpkin patch and read on.  We have put together a list of 9 ways to decorate (and decorate with) everyone’s most beloved holiday gourd.

9.  The Chevron Pumpkin: People are WILD for chevron this season, and what better way to venture into this fun pattern than by painting it on a pumpkin?  Keep it even more current by using white, gold, glitter, or a mix of all three to cover the creation.  You could also consider using different geometric patterns like herringbone, houndstooth, or a tribal print stencil.

Image via Feeling Lovesome

8.  The Pumpkin Stack: What a way to welcome party guests or trick-or-treaters!  I love the idea of the pumpkin stack- it looks chic and rustic with the tin bucket base, but it’s easy to make, and best of all it can say whatever you want it to!

Image via

7. The Mumpkin: Get it? “Mum” pkin?  I love this pumpkin idea because it mixes a fall icon with the last remains of summer in a way that incorporates all of the colors of the season.  I have never seen anyone make mumpkins before, have you?

Image via Lowes Creative Ideas

6. The Pumpkin Planter: These are kind of the same idea as the Mumpkin, but a little bit simpler and more elegant.  You can use flowers, or almost anything else (like fall foliage branches or cat tails) to fill these pumpkin planters.  So many ideas!

Image via FYI Modular Homes

5.  The Pumpkin Entryway:  I LOVE this entryway.  The use of pumpkins of all different sizes, colors and materials provides a great holiday flare, while the hurricane lanterns and pedestals help to add a layering effect that creates a depth to this display that really makes it unique.  Crows are optional.

Image Via Sense-ational Living

4.  The Pumpkin Bowl: Throwing a Halloween party this year?  You can thank us later for this idea.  Everyone will love grabbing their snacks out of a pumpkin, and we think the bandanna inside adds the perfect touch of Western to the serving bowl.  We have also seen punch bowls inserted into hollowed-out pumpkins that make perfect cauldrons for serving your Witch’s Brew.

Image via

3.  The Pumpkin Pillow: Not all of your pumpkin decorations have to be perishable.  These homespun pumpkin pillows add warm, rustic colors and textures to any space they occupy, and the best part is you can bring them out every year!

Image via Pinterest

2.  The Pumpkin Basket: Who would have thought?  Throw a pumpkin in a basket for an instant rugged look.  All the better if you can add a burlap pillow, pinecones, and a hurricane lantern.  I love this display because it shows how you can turn your existing outdoor furniture into an elegant fall scene with only a few simple additions.

Image via Opulent Cottage

1.   The Pumpkin Mantle:  Once again you can see how easy it is to transform your home landscape with a few simple touches.  This photo brings the outdoor display inside by adding small and medium pumpkins onto the mantle.  Paper flowers (or any wall decoration) add height and broaden the decoration area, extending it off of the mantle and giving the impression of a fully decorated space.

Image via A Place For US

We hope you enjoyed browsing this pumpkin extravaganza as much as we enjoyed creating it.  Home on the Range has everything you need to create these Halloween displays (except for the pumpkins), so stop in and see what simple accent pieces you can find to create a Halloween masterpiece today!

One more note: don’t hold us to this, but we heard that putting little silicon “do not eat” packets inside carved pumpkins will keep them from molding and rotting- give it a shot and let us know on our Facebook page if it worked for you!


The next time you are in the market for a way to add a rustic, earthy touch to your home, the solution may be simpler than you imagined: doors.  You heard it here first, old doors are coming back in new ways.

You can instantly add both character and texture by re-purposing a pair of distressed doors as your headboard.  Build this headboard yourself from doors that have some deeper meaning to you (for instance, using doors from your childhood home), or just hunt for some really unique doors that speak to your style and taste.

Image via Pinterest By:

Using distressed doors as furniture adds a one of a kind quality to any room (after all, no one will have the same doors as you!) It also brings character, style, and  a natural raw quality to your space.

Image via Pinterest By:

If you’re in the market for something a little less eclectic, you can also achieve a great earthy look by using natural wood barn doors.

Image via Pinterest By: FlyersAtlanta


You could also use an old door as shelving

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


You could use a door to hold a light fixture

Image via Pinterest

Stop into the Home on the Range showroom to see more new ways to use old doors!

Candles have always been associated with calmness, beauty and intimacy.  From candle-lit dinners to soothing spas, there is just something so welcoming about candle light. Candle walls are a beautiful and unique way to bring that calmness and intimacy into your own home.  This simple, stylish idea can easily transform any room.

Make your dining space feel more intimate for your next social gathering with a chic candle wall display.

Image via Pinterest Photo by: Charlie & Co Design

Image via. Pinterest By: DecorPad


Use lavender or eucalyptus candles on your bathroom wall to create a spa-like effect, and we’re sure you’ll never want to leave the bath!

Image via Home on the Range


Image via Pinterest. By: HGTV

You can even take this interior decorating idea outdoors!

Image via Pinterest By: Martha Stewart

For help with building your candle wall, or for more interior decorating inspiration, visit our Pinterest page!

This is the second of a two part blog series where we look at Pantone’s 2013 color forecasts, and how they relate to current trends and the economy, as well as how perfectly they fit with designing for the western and mountain lifestyle.  If you missed the first part “Color, Style and the Economy”, you can read it here.  Also, be sure to check out another of our favorite blogs, Gentry Connects, where our Rugged Individual color forecasts have been featured!

I am seeing blues reappear in color palettes in the mountains, but they are either worn, gray blues reminiscent of old denim, indigo blues, or turquoise blues, rather than the cool, crisp blues you will be seeing on the East Coast and at the seashore.  In the mountains, I see the subtle grays, blues, aquas and turquoises paired with Native American Indian colors ranging from terracotta to oxblood red, depending on the color style of the client.  I predict a mix of masculine and feminine fabrics including leather, wool and lace, along with the use of a lot of texture and pattern.  The textures and patterns will be a mix of animal hides, tribal patterns, sisals and nail head detailing.  All of these colors, textures and patterns harken back to the Old West and to Pioneer days.

Wesco's Laredo Stripe in Navajo is a perfect illustration of the Pantone Rugged Individuals pallette

Sam Moore leather Chair

Native American Rugs (Image via Pinterest)

Pantone Rugged Individuals Pallette

Here are the descriptions from Pantone Color which go along with my color outlook:

“From out-West to Outback, cowboy and cowgirl style rides again, imbued in Pantone’s Rugged Individuals Palette.

The rugged individuals convey the legend that influences a look of the natural shadings of the vastness of the Prairie, and its interior trappings of polished leather, weather wood and animal hides.

Earthy raw Sienna tones mix with the flavor of Stone Washed Blue, and the Vintage Indigo that all markets have already embraced this spring.”

This goes hand in hand with the trends that are appearing in fashion and that, I believe, will continue on through next year.

Image via Pantone 2013 Home and Interiors Webinar

Image via Home on the Range on Houzz

Image via Pinterest says:

Materials & Textures – Striking, chic materials, suede, pleated leather, waxed or lacquered leather, two-tone small grains, stylized tortoiseshell prints, teddy bear colored fake fur, shaved mink or fox spirit, vintage vinyl, mottled fabrics, tweed, boiled or felted wool, reversible leather and fabrics, patchwork, masculine Jacquard, tie patterns, two-tone stripes, multicolored patterns, handmade decoration, colored rivets, eyelets.

Read more:



What do you think about these upcoming trends?  Can you see these colors and textures in your home?  If you need more inspiration, come in to Home on the Range to see all of our Rugged Individuals products, or visit our Rugged Individuals board on Pinterest!

This is the first of a two part blog series where we will look at Pantone’s 2013 color forecasts, and how they relate to current trends and the economy, as well as how perfectly they fit with designing for the western and mountain lifestyle.

It always fascinates me to see the cycles various fashion and interior design trends go through, and how closely they are tied to the economy.  When we moved to Steamboat Springs in 1988 and opened our first home furnishing and interior design business in an existing storefront on Lincoln Avenue, the Steamboat economy had just experienced a recession and property values were down significantly.   People were seeing a glimmer of hope on the horizon, but they were nervous to trust that glimmer.  The colors and patterns that were “trending” at that time are the exact same colors and patterns that are in the Pantone 2013 color forecast for their Rugged Individuals Palette.  Keep in mind that the Pantone palettes are trends they are seeing world-wide, not just in our little neck of the woods.  The colors of the American Southwest and the denims and leathers of the cowboy lifestyle dominated the color palette in 1988.  They were popular again in the aftermath the tech crash of 2000, and again in the devastating aftermath of 9-11.

Here is a description from color trends in 2003:   With Americans seeking a sense of connection to each other as well as to the past, many will feel comforted by a palette that suggests linkage, heritage and history, a literal patchwork of traditional colors.  That is exactly what I think we are seeing for 2013.  Take a look at the color names from the 2003 color forecast and how close they are to the colors pictured below:

PANTONE 19-1655 Garnet, PANTONE 17-4021 Faded Denim, PANTONE 13-0932 Cornsilk, PANTONE 19-1436 Cinnamon, PANTONE 19-0622 Military Olive, PANTONE 14-1107 Oyster Gray, PANTONE 19-5511 Hunter Green, PANTONE 19-3839 Blue Ribbon, PANTONE 11-0507 Winter White

Image via Pantone 2013 Home & Interiors Webinar

Image via Pantone 2013 Home & Interiors Webinar

In looking at all of the different predictions for color, I think that the color scheme that will be the most prevalent in our market (the west) is Pantone’s Rugged Individuals Palette.  I think this palette speaks to the mentality of repurposing and making do, which has become part of the conversation in our daily lives and yet also reflects the ruggedness of our American spirit and our determination and grit.  This color palette embodies the current trend towards using reclaimed woods and metals in everything from contemporary to mountain rustic design.

Image via Home on the Range on Houzz

Image via Pinterest




Image via Pinterest. Photo: confinedlight

If you’ve ever been (or wanted to go) to Paris, you know that it is a city like no other. Even if your home is not in a French style, you can bring a little bit of Parisian romance in with accessories. Here are some classics with savoir-faire.

  • Tin tray with rope handles: I can just imagine this tray sitting on a table in the garden outside of a little french farmhouse- or in a cabin here in the mountains!

Image via Go Home Ltd.


  • Dormer window mirror: The historically-inspired Adele Dormer Mirror from Century Furniture adds a sense of presence and sophistication.
dormer mirror

Image via Century Furniture.


  • French flea market table: This little table would fit right in at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, but its elegant simplicity can bring a hint of international style into any home.

Image via Go Home Ltd.


  • French Heritage Olioboard: The eclectic mix of colors, styles, textures and finishes makes this Olioboard stand out with a French flare.  It makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of a Parisian party!

Image via French Heritage


  •  Cratered Vineyard Demijohn: I LOVE the mix of rustic wood with glass in this piece.  Stop in to Home on the Range to see similar pieces that we are currently carrying!

Image via Go Home Ltd.

For more of the places and designs that inspire us, visit our Pinterest page!



The Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2013 is out already! The report, released on the first day of New York’s Fashion Week, is a comprehensive overview of the colors fashion designers are using. We anticipate the colors will make their way to home fashion in the next year. The collection is all about balance, says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, in an excellent online video. Novel neutrals like “Linen” balance out exuberant colors like “Poppy Red” and “Lemon Zest”. The collection is visually “anchored” by Monaco Blue, which is dark. The Collection was formulated with the input of fashion designers such as Nicole Miller and Charlotte Ronson.


Nicole Miller design for Pantone with Spring 2013 colors.



Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson for Pantone with Spring 2013 colors.


Fashion is the theme of High Point Market this fall, and here are some objects that incorporate colors similar to those Pantone released. The draperies and pants in this High Point Market video have a color combination similar to Pantone Spring 2013.

Image via High Point Market

Watch for an upcoming post to get my personal take on which colors will be big in the mountain resorts  in 2013 and why!

Lynne Barton Bier





Architectural elements help to add character and substance to an interior. A fine example of this is the current trend of using outdoor lanterns inside.


double lanterns

Image via Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Hallway:  Home on the Range Interiors selected contemporary architectural lanterns from Hammerton to light the long hallway in this contemporary rustic Steamboat Springs home .

Hammerton Lanterns add light and interest to a long hallway

  • Entryway. An outdoor lantern is in this entry by Barbara Westbrook, seen in House Beautiful.
House Beautiful

Image via House Beautiful. Design by Barbara Westbrook. Photo: Pieter Estersohn


  • Foyer. A painted lantern with seeded glass was used in a rustic Pennsylvania farm house featured in Veranda magazine.
rustic lantern

Image via Veranda Magazine. Photo: Francesco Lagnese. Design: Richard Keith Langham



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