Guest Post from Arcadian Lighting – Merging Rustic and Contemporary Styles to Create Beautiful Rooms

Home on the Range would like to welcome Joanna as a guest blogger for our post today.  Joanna has done a beautiful job of catching the blend of rustic and contemporary elements that works so well in our mountain environment.  I am sure you will enjoy Joanna’s post as much as I did!


Hi! I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, an excellent online place to discover brilliant and beautiful lighting fixtures. I adore interior design and really enjoy writing guest posts such as this one here at Home on the Range.  I am excited to be posting about how seamlessly rustic and contemporary styles merge to create beautiful rooms.

The game room in this Idaho retreat is a stylish mix of rustic, contemporary and Mid Century. I am intrigued by the idea of fireplace wood as art.

Contemporary Kitchen Rock Wall

This contemporary kitchen gets its rustic style from wood beams and ceiling, a stunning rock wall and a gorgeous original interpretation of the classic barn door.

Rustic Bedroom Antique

Rustic and contemporary meet here under the rafters in a lovely bedroom design. Antique textiles infuse the space with appealing global style.

Rustic Living Space Pendant Light

A rustic living space is given a wonderful contemporary feel by its furnishings, including a charming daybed at the fireplace. I love the contemporary pendant light in contrast to the rustic wood surrounding it.

Rustic Balcony Home Office

The second floor balcony of this rustic and contemporary home provides more than ample space for a home office. The work surface was created from reclaimed wood. At eye-level when sitting, the expansive windows bring the outdoors inside.

Contemporary Soaking Tub

A deep contemporary soaking tub blends beautifully into its rustic surroundings. The freestanding black faucet immediately caught my attention.

Carved Wood Vessel

What a lovely merging of contemporary flooring and counter top with rustic woods and iron lighting fixture. The carved wood vessel is stunning.

Rustic Closet Rail Lighting

The last place one might expect to see a mix of rustic and contemporary is in the closet. But, this one is a perfect mix of the two—just right for a gentleman’s closet.  The track lights give a nice accents on the wood furnishings.  Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Contemporary rustic spaces really make me feel right at home.  Which idea would you include in a rustic space  Leave a comment and be sure to visit Arcadian Lighting for more contemporary designs.




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Reply August 24, 2012

I loved the wood beams and farmhous-ie looking stone together with the glass in the home office picture, and also really like the drawers in the closet!

    Reply August 25, 2012

    Those are two of my favorites as well! Great combinations of materials.

Reply March 26, 2013

can you tell me where to find the little step stool in the bathroom next to the freestanding tub? great blog! love it!

    Reply April 1, 2013

    Thanks Teresa! Actually, the bathroom isn't one of our projects, but the image credit is at the bottom of the post, so you might be able to find the answer to your question that way. Thanks so much for reading!

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