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I went to a wonderful presentation by Mona Hajj at the Denver Country Club a few weeks ago. The event, sponsored by the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art, was preceded by a book signing for Mona Hajj’s new book, Interior Visions at the Hoffmiller showroom in the Denver Design Center.  I found Mona to be quite humble in spite of her design accomplishments and the accolades that come her way.  Her design aesthetic speaks to me in a way that few other designer’s aesthetics do.  Mona creates individualized spaces that reflect the tastes of her clients, while guiding them to stretch their boundaries and imaginations.  The results are a melange of periods, styles and colors that blend harmoniously to create unique and timeless interiors.

interior design

Interior Visions by Mona Hajj. The Monacelli Press.

I love Hajj’s use of rugs, textiles and antiques mixed with ethnic accessories from around the world.

Mona Hajj

Design by Mona Hajj. Image via


Mona’s approach is to view each space and each client as a new and unique design challenge and she emphasizes the importance of  timeless design rather than following trends.  The room below shows Mona’s versatility of style and how she listens to, and interprets her clients’ tastes.  With a more modern bent, this room is still inviting and reflects the balance and harmony that are evident in all of Mona’s interiors.

interior design

Design by Mona Hajj. Image via

The spaces are  layered with pieces from different eras and countries which makes them feel as if they have evolved over time.  Although you can see the hand of a professional designer at work, Mona’s spaces don’t look “decorated”, but very natural and inviting.

Design by Mona Hajj. Image via


Traveling around the world on a regular basis and developing relationships with key sources in different countries goes hand in hand with Mona’s  passion for finding unique furniture pieces, rugs and textiles.  This passion is evident in all of her interiors and adds a spark that is uniquely Mona Hajj.


Lynne Barton Bier

Principal/Lead Designer

Home on the Range Interiors


High Point Market, the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, takes place October 13-18. The theme of the show this year is “Fashion Focus”, and many colors and patterns have made their way from fashion to home fashion. The 180 Buildings and 2000-plus exhibitors at High Point are buzzing in preparation for Fall Market, and here are some of the objects they are displaying in their showrooms:

  • Earth tones and grey combined. As this new Hickory Chair coffee table ottoman demonstrates, earth tones (tan, goldenrod, linen, etc.) blend well with certain greys. This year’s Market will have a wide variety of warm greys and cool greys and an experienced designer can customize a color combination that is right for you.

Hickory Chair ottoman.


Dransfield & Ross

Dransfield & Ross

  • Quality wood. Consumers seeking long-lasting investment pieces will find quality furnishings in solid wood or solid wood veneer. Theodore Alexander‘s new pieces are made using time-honored traditions of craftsmanship.
Theodore Alexander

Theodore Alexander "Brunello Nights".


“Greige” is still hot this market with neutral shades of beige, taupe and tan creating a backdrop for fun geometric patterns.

Reflective surfaces are also making a reappearance this market.

Pearson Furniture’s heirloom quality and timeless designs always appeal to us.  We love the cozy reading corner below with its soothing color scheme with the interesting addition of the mirrored sideboard and geometric pillow.


Items from High Point Market, including those above, are available to the trade only. If you are interested in obtaining the perfect piece or having a consultation with an interior designer, contact Home on the Range Interiors by clicking here.


The heavy and too-sweet wallpapers of the 1980s are replaced by more transitional and neutral options. For a calm and timeless look, consider a wallcovering with a crisp abstract pattern that is not too bold or overpowering. Or choose a classic grasscloth, which adds texture and is a good backdrop for original art. Here are some of my favorite options:

  • Abstract. This abstract pattern works in the space because it is relatively neutral and the art on the walls (coordinating serving plates) is plain. A beautiful vintage chandelier and small antler mount add character to the space and keep it from looking cold. To me, this powder room looks fresh and well-balanced.
Image via Houzz, Kohler

Image via Houzz, Kohler

  • Grasscloth. Natural materials are often timeless, and grasscloth is no exception. The warm, textured neutral wallcovering is the perfect backdrop for colorful art.

grasscloth wallcovering


  • Large-scale. For an updated look, choose a traditional motif that has been enlarged in scale. Neutral shades keep the large-scale lotus paisely motif below from being too overpowering.
large scale wallpaper

Image via Houzz, Dewey Construction Company

  • Accent wall. Accent walls are something that we have come to appreciate over the years. The bedroom below has an exquisite wallcovering whose beiges coordinate with the textiles and rug. The mix of patterns in this room works well in terms of color and scale.
Image via Houzz, Slifer Designs.

To see more images of wallcoverings and other things that inspire, visit our Houzz page.

When you are ready to use wallpaper in your home, push the “Like what you see” button on the right and get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you with your project!


The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article entitled “After Stainless, Now What?,” which reported differing opinions among appliance manufacturers regarding whether stainless is still in style. This conversation and extensive research and development has resulted in an array of new finish options. Here are some of the finishes that manufacturers are confident we’ll see more of in the future:

  • Black Glass. Wolf Appliance has a highly reflective sleek black glass on its new E series. The glass is inspired by the popularity of glass in architecture and black glass on flat-screen televisions and IPads.


Wolf appliances
Image  via Wolf.


  • Slate. GE is hoping this metallic matte finish in muted gray will be as popular as grey clothing and home furnishings are. Consumer Reports wrote about GE’s appliance options in slate.
GE slate range

GE slate range image via Consuer Reports.

  • Glossy White. Whirlpool Ice Collection has a glossy white option with a sleek, smooth surface that differs from the textured whites that were mainstream in the past.
Whirlpool Ice

Whirlpool Ice image via Whirlpool.

  • Stainless Steel. Bosch strongly believes that stainless steel will continue to reign. LG Appliances agrees.



Image via Bosch.

A House Beautiful article on famous movie kitchens inspired me to think back to my favorites, and to share images with you below.

  • Something’s Gotta Give. This Hamptons-style home “stole” the film, which was written by Nancy Meyers with production design by Jon Hutman. The sophisticated taste of both these Hollywood figures is quite evident in the set design.
Something's Gotta Give kitchen

Diane Keaton in "Something's Gotta Give" kitchen.


Something's Gotta Give

"Something's Gotta Give" kitchen.

  • It’s Complicated. Once again, Nancy Myers created a wonderful kitchen — this time in a casual California style. It’s Complicated, written by Myers, features Meryl Streep as a free-spirited chef with a kitchen to match her personality.
It's Complicated Kitchen

Image via House Beautiful. Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon / Universal Pictures

  • Ratatouille. I like this film so much that I’ve pinned it to my Pinterest page. House Beautiful named the French commercial kitchen on of its “5 Famous Movie Kitchens.” The chef-grade range and hood remind me of La Cornue and Aga.
Ratatouille kitchen

Image via House Beautiful. Credit: Everett Collection.



home furnishings

Image via Houzz. Design by Culligan Abraham Architecture.

To honor National Home Furnishings Month this September, we’ve decides to share what we’ve learned from our education and decades of experience as interior designers. Here are Home Furnishings Do’s and Dont’s.


  • Do purchase furniture with the intention of it lasting for decades. If you are on a budget, invest in fewer high quality pieces and incorporate new objects in the future.
  • Do Look for small accent pieces and accessories at flea markets and garage sales to help you stretch your dollar.  Use these accents to add some interest and color to your decor.
  • Do take your home’s architecture and locale into account.
  • Do purchase items that both you and your significant other agree on. Life is too short to have arguments over decorative details and you can generally come to a compromise that will work for both of you..
  • Do ask a professional interior designer for advice.  It will almost always save you from making mistakes in terms of scale, flow and color and consequently save you money in the long run.
  • Don’t blindly follow trends. Fashion magazines love trends because it encourages people to replace their wardrobe on an annual basis.  Home furnishings, while stylish, are a long-term investment, so embrace this season’s color or pattern only after you have decided that you will love it for years to come and use it only on items that are easily replaced like pillows, throws and small rugs.
  • Don’t buy a large piece without knowing where you will put it and what you will use it for.
  • Don’t give away a family heirloom just because you think it is out of style.  Styles change, but the pieces of your past have personal value forever and add a layer of interest to your interiors.

Take a look at the interiors of Bunny Williams, Mona Hajj and Martyn Lawrence Bullard to see how to integrate beautiful heirlooms with modern styles, ageless textiles and fun ethnic accessories.

For more ideas visit our Houzz page and to find a mix of heirloom quality furniture with fun accent pieces and textiles, visit us at Home on the Range Interiors in Steamboat Springs!

A national survey by House Beautiful found that blue was Americans’ favorite color.    In the mountains, we tend to gravitate towards the warmer hues of blue like the blue in the central pillow on the sofa below.  The addition of the reds and greens in the other pillows and accents adds a warmth to the room that would keep us feeling cozy during our long white winters!

Image via Pinterest. Design: Martyn Lawrence Bullard.


In an otherwise neutral room, a rich blue is a strong accent color. In the room below, Betty Burgess makes a statement with the blue chairs and then pulls the color back in as an accent in the vases on the mantle and fireplace hearth.

blue chairs

Image via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. Photo: Erica George Dines. Design: Betty Burgess. Architecrure: D. Stlanley Dixon

In the image below, the warm browns of the leather provide a perfect backdrop for the rich navy blue on the interior of the trunk and in the plaid of the pillow .

mountain design


For colorful images and more, visit our Pinterest page by clicking here!

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