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An important home design event has been going on in North Carolina throughout this week: The High Point Furniture Market, which is a biannual trade show featuring the latest in home furnishings. Known as “the world’s home for home furnishings,” the event covers “10 million square feet of show space” with “tens of thousands of new product introductions,” according to the High Point Market website. Many attendees from the design world have been posting products and scenes from the event, so we’ve compiled a few of our favorite pieces to share.

We love this new rug from Classic Home; it makes us smile when we look at it!

We spotted a Luna Bella sconce on Pure Style Home that offers texture and visual interest galore.

And this Chain Link Table from Pearson Home would look beautiful in a rustic Western home.

Which of these is your favorite? Contact Home on the Range in Steamboat Springs, CO to find out how to purchase new products introduced at High Point Market.

Photos: 1 Classic Home; 2 via Pure Style Home; 3 Pearson Furniture

At Home on the Range we often use reclaimed wood and rustic materials in our Western designs, as they add natural elements and help warm up every space—including bathrooms. In fact bathrooms are extremely popular spaces to have updated and remodeled, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite rustic bathroom designs—from Houzz and from our own portfolio—to help inspire you.

This rustic wood vanity by Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs for Living would look fabulous in any mountain home.

A chiseled stone tile wall adds a wonderful rustic touch to this contemporary bathroom by Philpotts Interiors.

Below is an eye-catching mix of woods, tiles and color in this spa bath by Harrell Remodeling!

We love the horizontal application of board and batten paired with a contemporary-style wood pedestal vanity in this rustic bathroom by Andrew Melaragno.

We hope you’ll also get some great ideas from the  Home on the Range rustic bathrooms pictured below.

This Pioneer Homestead master bath features reclaimed beech cabinets paired with a classic clawfoot tub.

A custom-designed concrete countertop rests on a reclaimed timber vanity base in this Western Mine-style guest bath.

The rustic cabinetry in this master bath is made from antique pine and works well with the reclaimed timbers that frame the room .

We incorporated an Oceanside stone and glass mosaic tub face and honey onyx tub deck into this rustic contemporary master bath.

Are you interested in redesigning the bathroom in your Colorado home?  Click the like what I see button on the right to find out how we can help transform your space into a stylish rustic retreat.

Photos: 1 by Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs for Living via Houzz; 2 by Philpotts Interiors via Houzz; 3 by Harrell Remodeling via Houzz; 4 by Andrew Melaragno via Houzz; 5-8 Interior design by Home on the Range, Photos by Tim Murphy, Architecture by Joe Patrick Robbins, AIA

Style at Home has a great article explaining ways to go glam that reflect the Home on the Range approach to this design tool beautifully. They mention the following lighting and decorative accessories products as ways to add glam to a room:

• Mirrors
• Luxurious fabrics
• Chandeliers
• Candles
• Feathers
• Heavy metals
• Pearlized finishes

This photo from Amoroso Design in Houzz shows how glam can be added to a dining room with the selection of a chandelier and the choice of glass and metal accessories on the sideboard.

The reflective surface of the lamp and the stainless hardware on the bedside table add glam to this bedroom by Jodie Rosen Design that we found on Houzz!

We also love these glam products:

This Schumacher burnished bronze chevron wallpaper and Currin antiqued mirrored sideboard have a rustic-glamorous look.

A dark silver-and-brass end table and a whimsical bronze pendant, both by Arteriors, offer a gorgeous metallic sheen…

…as do these antique silver glass decanters and antique silver nesting boxes, also from Arteriors.

For mirrors and accessories, this antique gold mirror with burnished edges and mirrored panels and these antique silver leaves on a dark background from Uttermost really caught our eyes.

Incorporate some glam into your finishes with glass tiles and light fixtures. Glass pendants, a glass Vitraform sink and glass tile on the walls and shower add glam to this Contemporary spa bath by Home on the Range Interiors.

Oceanside glass mosaic tile adds a shimmer to the wall of this Rustic Contemporary master vanity by Home on the Range.

How will you add glam into your life?

Click on the “I like what I see” button on the right to find out more about any of the products pictured here – or to see how the designers at Home on the Range can help you add glam to your home!

Photos of Home on the Range projects by Tim Murphy

Mountain Lodge style can range from a European ski lodge to a rustic cabin. Mountain Lodge evokes the scent of pine trees and the warmth of a cozy fire. Mountain Lodge décor brings the outdoors into the home with the use of color and materials found in the environment around the house. When designing with any of the Western Design styles, it is important to stay away from what is trendy and focus on timeless design elements.

In this bathroom by Home on the Range, we painted the cabinets and walls with a pine green. Birch bark mirrors and pinecone accent tiles bring the feeling of the outdoors into the room. Naturally shed antler handles were used to accent the doors and drawers of the vanity.

The custom twig light valance on the bookshelves, the use of reclaimed oak floors and the rawhide chandeliers from Hammerton Lighting add rustic mountain touches to this European lodge home.

Chinked timber walls and a random-lay stone floor are used to create a mountain cabin feel in this lakeside home. The antler wall sconces from Sua designs add another touch of the mountain lodge feel to the entry, and the feathers in the vase complete the look.

Old Hickory chairs and antler candlesticks add the lodge accents to this European-style kitchen.

You can use any of the accent ideas highlighted in this blog to add a touch of mountain lodge to your home. Press the “like what you see” button at the right, and we can send you photos of, and pricing for, the accessories pictured in these homes. Watch for the conclusion of the Designing for the Western Lifestyle series when we will showcase individual finishes and products used in these homes and show you how to purchase them.

Images: Photos by Tim Murphy; Interior designs by Home on the Range; Architecture by Joe Patrick Robbins, AIA

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so the design community has taken to helping the cause in a variety of ways.

The first is by developing a number of pink products with partial proceeds going to breast cancer research, including BoConcept’s “Running Ribbon” cup and the Pink Swan Project by Suite New York.

Another way designers are getting involved is by volunteering time and materials to redecorate chemotherapy rooms. RoomsThatRock4Chemo is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that is devoted to creating positive and uplifting spaces that spiritually support cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy by revamping bland spaces into vibrant, warm and peaceful environments.

Breast cancer patients should be surrounded by things that soothe and promote relaxation, including color, and greens and blues in particular tend to be calming. In fact, one article notes that green “carries associations with nature, growth and recovery,” and another says that in chromotherapy, “blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain.”

This color psychology explains why we’ve seen blue and green appear in many chemotherapy rooms, whether in the furniture, fixtures or walls themselves.

So, where pink helps raise money for cancer research, greens and blues help in the breast cancer treatment and recovery phases!

We love that people are supporting the cause by purchasing pink décor for their homes and that the interior design industry is instrumental in working with other colors that can also help pink in its fight against breast cancer – staying involved is the best way to make a difference!

Photos: 1 via; 2 via

I have always been fascinated with color and it’s use in design, so on a recent trip through Europe I began to take pictures of eye-catching color combinations that repeat themselves in every country.  I hope you’ll enjoy these photos as a visual reminder of how color use transcends both time and space.

This vibrant combination of red, blue and green adds life to what must have been a dreary existence in the Tower of London.

Exquisite stained glass and colorfully painted columns – also in the Tower of London.

Great use of the red and blue again on shutters and awnings in the Montmartre area of Paris.

Bookstall on the Left Bank of the Seine in Paris.  Postcards from the Moulin Rouge show the same vibrant colors being popular at the turn of the century

Below are a number of houses on the fishing and lace-making island of Burano in Italy – the houses on Burano are painted in every color combination you can imagine, and it all works beautifully!!

Another favorite color combination across the centuries has been purple, pink, blue and green  – enjoy the below examples of these captivating combinations!

A shop window in the Latin Quarter and a Venetian glass chandelier.

Sign on a children’s shop in Paris.

Windowsill and flowerpot on a house in Burano, Italy.

Color inspiration is everywhere in our daily life, and, as there are endless combinations of colors, there are truly no right or wrong ways to combine colors. Each combination evokes a different emotion and the psychology of color is something we will be exploring in other posts such as our post on color in breast cancer treatment this month.

If you enjoyed this post, watch for future posts on such topics as color in Mexico and South America, the use of inlaid marble in Venice, unique staircases in Europe and things that make me smile!

And don’t forget to visit us at Home on the Range in Steamboat Springs or click the “like what I see” button to find out more about what we do.

—Lynne Barton Bier, Owner/Principal Designer, Home on the Range Interiors

Here are some wonderful light fixtures that can be used for ambient lighting and that transition from rustic to contemporary style. They are from one of our favorite lighting companies, Arteriors home.

This simple transitional lamp can work in many different rooms.

Arteriors’ copper clad table lamp brings the warmth of the copper color into a room.

Note the subtle addition of the crystal drop on the bottom of the clean wood chandelier.

This fun mix of big oversized crystals with metal adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to any style home.

Who else could come up with this great mix of reclaimed wood with a stylized floral motif that once again mixes contemporary and rustic?

Click the “I like what I see” button on the right, and we’ll send you more information on the light fixtures pictured here, or contact the Home on the Range designers to help you find just the right fixture for your space.

—Lynne Bier

Photos via Arteriors

When designing a space, it’s essential to determine the best lighting scheme—one that provides both beauty and function. To do this, you must understand the different types of light that will play into the overall ambiance of a room.

The American Lighting Association offers a wonderful overview of lighting types: ambient, task and accent, taking you through the definitions of each type and the best fixtures to accomplish them.

Think of ambient lighting as the main source of lighting, the foundation for illumination throughout a space. Task lighting does exactly what it sounds like—provides the light you need to do tasks like reading, cooking, working and so on. Accent lighting highlights specific accessories or walls, most often drawing attention to important artwork or architectural details.

In the Western ranch-style space on the right, we incorporated a chandelier to provide ambient light and brought in table lamps for task lighting.

Visit the American Lighting Association’s helpful guide to learn more about these lighting basics.

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