The Return of Cabin Fever

The cabin is making its comeback this year.  The words “rustic”, “cozy”,”cabin”, “distressed”, “lodge”, “homestead”, and “reclaimed” have been sprinkled throughout websites like Pinterest and Houzz in the last few months.  However these are no dilapidated, public-use Forest Service cabins… no, these Boy Scout camps of the past have been given makeovers to become more sophisticated versions of their former selves.  People are taking the idea of a cabin and transforming it to become a reflection of their own unique personalities.

At Home on the Range, we couldn’t be more excited about this “new trend”.  Why?  Because we are cabin people and we always have been.  The rustic West is what we know and love, and it’s what we do best.  Cabins represent nostalgia, appreciation for nature’s beauty, and a simpler time and way of life. Cabin style fits right in with the rugged elegance of our Colorado surroundings, and we are long practiced in picking and choosing the remnants of the past, and incorporating them into something that is new and completely tailored to our clients’ Western lifestyles.

Below are some of our favorite cabin styles.  Are you as in love with cabins as we are?  If so, join our Pinterest group!  You can find our “Cabin Style” community board here.  Just leave a comment below this post (or on Facebook) and we will add you as a pinner to the new Home on the Range (Lynne Barton Bier) community board, where you can share all of your favorite cabin pins with us and the world.  You can also invite your friends!

  • To me this screened-in porch dining area really exemplifies a “cabin” with the chinked timber, stone, and reclaimed accents.  The candle chandelier adds an element of elegance that makes this cabin feel sophisticated and updated without detracting from the absolute coziness of this space.

Image via Home on the Range on Houzz


  •  People love cabins because they symbolize a retreat and escape from real life, and this cabin provides that escape in the most idyllic setting.  Don’t you think this looks like  heaven?

Image via Houzz

  •  This happy space gives a feeling of warmth and security, while still providing a prominent sense of the outdoors with its large picture windows.  The details in this room are fantastic, did you notice the camping lantern incorporated into the ceiling fan?

Image via Pinterest

  • In this room the old comes together with the new.  The chinked timber, reclaimed wood beams and traditional quilts compliment the chandelier and leather arm chairs in a subtle way that kind of makes you feel like a glamorous Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Image via Home on the Range on Houzz


If you have just been dying to cabin-ify your own life, be sure to stop into Home on the Range to see our handpicked collection of “Cabin Lifestyle Accessories”.


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