Going Stag

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Get it?  Going “Stag”? We crack ourselves up sometimes.  But seriously, today we are going to talk about a new trend that is very “deer” to our hearts (oops, did it again).  It’s a trend that brings traditional icons into the modern age: using antlers and taxidermy in interior design.

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I think this trend is developing as an add-on to the rustic cabin/mountain lodge craze that we have been seeing over the past year.  And, just like with the cabin craze, it seems that people are re-creating a classic figure.  They are taking the deer head, a rustic lodge accessory that is steeped in tradition, and turning into something different that fits a newer definition of style.  Instead of seeing massive taxidermied elk glaring down at us with glassy eyes, we are seeing antlers incorporated into centerpieces.  We are seeing smaller animal skulls mounted on plaques.  We are seeing subtle signs of wildlife in the home that give us the overall impression of a rugged environment, without being visually assaulted by it.

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Now, if you are a lover of (live) animals, or are still scarred from that scene in Bambi (you know the one I’m talking about), don’t fret.  You can still hop on the stag-wagon… we’ll show you how.

Image via Pinterest

In many spaces, hunting trophies are actually being replaced by faux taxidermy. Wooden deer heads can be mounted over mantles, and statues can take the place of skulls.  Remember not to forego the purchase of antler accessories for “moral reasons”.  Did you know that elk actually shed their antlers every year?  In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Boy Scouts then collect these antlers and auction them off to fund their program, and that is where the majority of your antler products come from.

Image via Spring Creek Ranch

You can also consider other ideas to enhance your room, like bringing the deer off of the wall.  Using other stag accessories like pillows, throws, art, towels, etc. can really help you create a cohesive feeling in your space.

If you’ve just been absolutely dying to bring some modern tradition into your home, here are some ideas for you.  These are all products that we have in the Home on the Range showroom right now!  Don’t delay, or you could “deer”ly regret it (okay I’m done, I promise!)

Stag Pillow

Stag Tea Towel

Wooden Deer Head

Deer Sculptures

Plaque Mounted Antelope


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