Looks We Love: Ralph Lauren

At Home on the Range, we are kind of obsessed with Ralph Lauren fabrics.  I think it’s safe to say that.  Not only are the colors beautiful, the styles timeless, and the materials top notch, but many of the collections fit seamlessly into our Rugged Elegant mountain design visions.  Though many of the patterns stay the same (because, like we already talked about, they are timeless), Ralph is always ahead of the curve when it comes to colorways.  There are hundreds of different Ralph Lauren patterns and colorways, but our favorites tend to be wools and linens, plaids, casual florals and native prints.  Below are some beautiful pictures that show the diversity of these lovely textiles, and also one of our new favorites!

This sofa incorporates a really creative mix of different fabrics that are perfect for a rustic and maybe slightly eclectic mountain lodge.

Ralph Lauren Fabrics | Home on the Range

The neutral hues in this living room, and I can’t even imagine how lovely it must feel to curl up on that sofa!  The mix of faux furs and wool would be heavenly!

Ralph Lauren Fabrics | Home on the Range

This is a great example of a little bit different way to use Ralph Lauren textiles- rather than in just pillows, bedding or upholstery, here they have used one of Ralph’s Sacred Mountain blanket fabrics for draperies, and another Trading Post collection fabric for the bench cushion.  Love this!

Ralph Lauren Fabrics | Home on the Range

Though there are so many different ways to incorporate Ralph Lauren fabrics into your room, I think that bedding is probably one of the most delightful- you can’t beat the heaviness and warmth of wool on cold nights!

Ralph Lauren Fabrics | Home on the Range

Last but not least, we wanted to share one of the patterns from the newest collection that just came out this summer, which we absolutely adore!


To find out more about incorporating Ralph Lauren looks into your home, contact us on our website!  Or, you can like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all of the latest home trends!


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Carole@Rustic Artistry
Reply October 21, 2013

Ralph Lauren has created such a perfect mix of rustic and chic. I am always drawn to these rooms because they feel elegant in a casual way and cozy, not an easy combination to achieve apparently. I have looked at thousands of rustic rooms on Pinterest and Houzz, but don't see very many photos with this aesthetic that aren't Ralph Lauren designs.

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