Fun with Faux Fur

We love using faux fur in home decor.  We’ve talked about it briefly before in other posts, but today faux fur gets a post all its own… maybe because it’s suddenly so cold outside!  That fluffy, soft, warm texture is more than welcome in any mountain home, and there are more ways to incorporate it than you might think!

Throws and pillows are the most common way to bring snuggly faux fur into your space.  Depending on your style, you can choose from a variety of colors and textures- you can select faux animals ranging from Coyotes to Snow Leopards to Chinchillas!

Chinchilla Faux Fur | Home on the Range

Chinchilla Faux Fur

Beaver and Black Bear are a couple of our favorites when it comes to softness, but we also love Coyote and Raccoon for their rustic style, and Tibetan Fox for its classy elegance.


Black Bear Faux Fur | Home on the Range

Black Bear Faux Fur

Raccoon Faux Fur | Home on the Range

Raccoon Faux Fur


Used as an accent in a living room, faux fur brings an instant inviting warmth to the space.


Faux fur throw | Home on the Range

Image via Cup Half Full

When used in bedding, faux fur delivers an irresistible urge to climb right in and snuggle up.


Faux Fur Throw | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

If you are looking for a different way to use faux fur, we are seeing ottomans and poufs gaining in popularity.


Faux Fur Ottoman | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

Faux Fur Ottoman | Home on the Range

Image via the Neuro Chronicles


You can also try a sheepskin rug to add that fluffy look to the room in a creative way that is also a delight for the feet!


Faux Fur Rug | Home on the Range

Image via Wolfpackalaska

Faux Fur Rug | Home on the Range

Image via Etsy


While you by no means HAVE to use faux fur specifically, there are a few reasons that we do suggest it.   The first is that you have a fantastic selection of colors and textures- for instance, I don’t think that real Tibetan Fox blankets are very widely available.   Second, the price point is generally much better when it comes to faux fur, and the results are the same every time.  If you need a match or a replacement, you can get one without any hassle.  Third, this probably isn’t a huge issue, but there are a lot of people out there with allergies to animals and animal fur.  This is a main reason that we generally suggest our clients order down alternative as opposed to down pillows- while you might not be allergic, there is a possibility that guests or family members might!

Stay tuned for our next post, where we will share some of our favorite faux fur products with you!  In the mean time, you can see more faux fur decor ideas on our Pinterest boards, or follow us on Facebook for great design inspiration daily!



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Reply October 24, 2013

I can attest to the luxurious softness of the faux fur throws made be Tourance. Beautiful colors too. We love ours.

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