Designing for the Western Lifestyle: Rustic Contemporary

The perfect blend of clean contemporary lines with natural rustic materials creates an aesthetic that has opened a new chapter on Western Design.

There are many terms for what is quickly evolving into a new genre of design.

  • Mountain Modern
  • Mountain Minimalist
  • Rustic Contemporary
  • Mountain Contemporary
  • Western Contemporary

The term that best describes my favorite form of this new genre is Rustic Contemporary. I place a strong emphasis on the use of natural and reclaimed materials such as rock, metals and reclaimed wood to add texture and warmth to the clean lines of contemporary architecture.

The indigenous moss rock used on this wall creates interest and the feeling of bringing the outdoors in, as it slices its way through a two-story window wall.

This hall and stairway illustrate the wonderful blend of clean, contemporary lines with stone, metal and wood. The new line of Hammerton light fixtures is designed to fit in beautifully with the Rustic Contemporary style.

In this master bedroom, the contemporary fireplace design pairs well with the moss rock. Reclaimed white oak floors add a layer of rusticity to the space, and once again, there is a wonderful feeling of bringing the outdoors into the room with the mix of glass, stone and reclaimed wood.

Oceanside Glass has paired glass and stone in their mosaics for the perfect blend of rustic and contemporary. We used their blend on the tub face in the master bath with a honey onyx tub deck. The cherry cabinets from Rustic Woodworks add a warm touch to the room.

We, the designers at Home on the Range, are always on the lookout for the newest products that will enhance the design of our clients’ homes without becoming dated in a short period of time. Although we watch the current trends and incorporate elements from those trends into our designs, it is important to us that, in all of our interpretations of the Western Lifestyle, our designs remain timeless in nature.

–Lynne Bier

Images: Photos by Tim Murphy; Interior designs by Home on the Range; Architecture by Joe Patrick Robbins, AIA


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