Barrel Renovation

We just love upcycling things, don’t we?  I’m always thrilled to find new uses for old things, and I’ve been seeing some great ideas for repurposing old barrels.  Barrels are easier to find than you might think, you can find truly vintage ones in antique and consignment stores.  Or, if you are a little bit less worried about the historical significance of your barrel, you can also pick one up at your local home improvement store (hint: look in the garden section).  While there are probably a million different ideas for barrel renovation, these are a few of my favorites:


Barrel Tables: Both of these tables are great.  They really show the variety in what you can do with barrels- right side up, the first picture is beautiful with a piece of glass used as a table top.  While you can put whatever you want inside the barrel as decoration, the dried grass in this barrel helps contribute to the cottage feel.  The “glass on top” method (as I just decided to call it) is a more elegant way to display your reclaimed barrel- the mason jar flowers and little votive candles are also an adorable touch.

Barrel table with glass | Home on the Range

Image via Decor It Darling

The second picture stays just a little bit more rustic, sitting upside down eliminates the need for a glass top, but you can still dress it up any way you want!  I love the lantern that they used in the photo.  The upside down barrel table would be a beautiful addition to a patio as pictured, but could also fit perfectly into your living room as an end table.  If you are starting with a full barrel and cutting it, make sure to measure the arm height of the furniture piece that it will be situated next to, so that you can make sure it doesn’t end up too big or to small for your space!

Barrel table | Home on the Range

Image via Classic and Colorful


Barrel Vanity:  Tell me this isn’t the neatest thing you’ve ever seen!  This barrel has been repurposed into a functional and incredibly stylish vanity.  I think the thing that I love the most about this picture is that the bathroom isn’t rustic to start with- the mix of tiles, wood, and furnishings make it a funky, eclectic, adorable bathroom.  That’s not to say that this wouldn’t look incredible in a rustic style bathroom though- because it would.

Barrel Sink | Home on the Range

Image via Your Amazing Places


Barrel Planter: Now I know that this doesn’t count as an “interior design idea” per se, but I still think it’s a great way to upcycle an old barrel.  A lot of times you see barrels used for planters, but they are so common (and boring!) that we don’t even really notice that they are barrels at all.  This tier system is a great way to display your summer flowers, and also a great way to display your new to you barrel!  If you are DIYing your barrel renovation, this project will be simple (I said simple, not easy).  Cut your barrel into tiered sections, then use pallet boards as the dividers.  Voila!  A gorgeous rustic patio display that is all your own.

Barrel Planter | Home on the Range

Image via Babble


Barrel Mirror: It might be hard to tell, but the mirror in this bathroom is made from a barrel.  Pretty good idea, huh?  Like the Barrel Vanity, this focal piece can add a touch of rustic to any space.  And, while you can really use anything you want to hang your barrel mirror, I love how they used leather strapping in this space to suspend the mirror from a bar above the windows.  Beautiful!

Barrel Mirror | Home on the Range

Image via Home Bunch


The Barrel Bathtub: I saved the best for last!  Now, obviously this isn’t a regular old barrel that you could buy at a hardware store, this is the real deal!  Can you just imagine people stomping around on grapes in this barrel?  Don’t worry, I’m sure they cleaned it.  Everything about the barrel tub is enchanting to me- I love the wood, the hardware, and the galvanized metal interior too!  And it fits so perfectly into the rest of this bathroom, I could just escape to this lovely space and never leave!

Barrel Bathtub | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


For more ideas on barrel renovation, visit us on Pinterest and Facebook!  We have more ideas than you’ll know what to do with!  Or, if you’re looking for ways to accessorize your newly renovated barrel, stop into the showroom and see what you find!


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