7 Fantastic Uses for Hair on Hide

Using hair on hide (leather with the fur still on it) in design can be a fun, funky, rugged, rustic or classic way to add style to a room or furniture piece.  Traditionally, hair on hide leather is applied to things like chair backs, the exteriors of upholstery pieces, or rugs… but, recently we have seen it used in so many more creative ways!  When used in the right way and in the right space, hair on hide can add that exact little bold and catchy “something extra” that you’ve been striving for.  Here are seven great examples of creative and traditional ways to use hair on hide in interior design:


1.  Hair on Hide Tub: I have never seen anything like this!  The hair on hide bath tub gives this bathroom an instantly chic and rustic modern look.

2. Hair on Hide rug: The hair on hide rug is a pretty standard and traditional use for a cow hide, but what I really like about this room in particular is that they used different hides to cover the entire floor, and also added other features like native rugs and leather pieces to give this space an eclectic western vibe.
6 Fantastic Uses for Hair on Hide | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

3.  Hair on Hide Barstools: Look how the hair on hide stools (and antler chandelier) give an instant western feel to this otherwise very traditional (and non-western) kitchen!
4.  Hair on Hide Ottoman: I love this room.  The soft and natural texture of the cowhide pair beautifully with the warm tones of the other fabrics, making this living room seem comfortable and cozy despite the incredibly high ceilings and open floor plan.
5.  The Hair on Hide Chair:  This is a traditional use of hair on hide, and how beautiful is this chair?  It would look perfect in a masculine office, or it could add a subtle and classy vintage flair to any mountain home.
6 Fantastic Uses for Hair on Hide

Image via Furniture Your Way

6.  The Hair on Hide Dresser:  This piece is VERY western, and it would not fit in just anywhere- it would need to find the perfect space and combination of other furniture pieces in order for it not to look over-done.  That said, I love the contrast of the dark wood with the light hide, and I also love the nail head trim and ring pulls on the drawers!

7 Fantastic Uses for Hair on Hide | Home on the Range

Image via M and M Rustic



7.  Hair on Hide All Over:  Okay okay, this one’s a little bit over the top… haha, get it?  “Over the top?”!!!  But seriously, this restaurant takes hair on hide to a whole new level.  What do you think about the use of the cowhide on the walls and ceiling?  Too crazy or fun and unique?



7 Fantastic Uses for Hair on Hide | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

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