Creating Your Perfect Home Office

A cozy and inviting office is an ideal place to set-up and work this winter. If you create a space that you love being in, then you won’t mind working over-time!

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For your perfect home office, choose a spot in your house that offers you plenty of functional storage space and keeps distractions to a minimum. The location of your office should really be dependent on how you work. If you know that you will easily be distracted by street activity or tempted by a sunny day, consider an office tucked away towards the back of your home.

Or, if you want a bright and energetic space, placing your desk in front of a window might be just the ticket.

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Every great office needs substantial storage. Loose papers and beaten up boxes aren’t just visually unappealing, they also make it hard to function.  Cabinets, shelves and drawers will be your office’s best friend.

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Offices don’t always have to be traditional work spaces either. Your home office can be a reflection of yourself in every way, and you can add flair to your office just like you do in the rest of your home.  Here are a few examples of some of our favorite unique offices:

Image via Splendid Sass

Image via My French Country Home

The last thing to remember when creating your home office is to keep it comfortable. You want to create an environment you enjoy being in. Invest in a comfortable chair and create a welcoming atmosphere, and remember that this is your home office, not a cubicle.

To find your perfect traditional or eclectic office pieces, stop into Home on the Range today!


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