The Interior Gardener- How to Decorate with Indoor Plants

Greenery can be a tricky thing.  Especially indoor greenery.  You know what I’m talking about- the fine line that exists between an elegant plant display and a dozen 70s era macrame pot holders dangling from your ceiling.  The difference between a natural feel, and a WalMart-garden-section-in-your-house feel.  Fine line.  But, it can be done, and done beautifully.  Indoor plants are a perfect way to bring nature into your home, and have a stunning impact in the spring and summer, when adding a few touches here and there can seamlessly transition the beauty outside to the beauty inside your home.  Also, aside from the visual appeal that indoor plants can provide, they also provide a number of other benefits- improved air quality, fresh and lovely smells, and, if you choose your plants right, you can even eat them.

Here are some of our favorite ways of displaying indoor plants.  If you have existing plants in your house, no problem!  These ideas will help you renovate your indoor garden into something that looks like it is part of your decor.  If you don’t have existing plants, go get some!  Now is the time, low prices at home improvement stores and local nurseries mean you can create a brilliant display that will last through the year.  If you’re not a gardener… don’t become one.  Go for the high quality faux plants that you don’t have to worry about remembering to water- you can still use all of these ideas to create the same effect.


I love the use of big olive pots and ceramics in this picture.  I also love the variety of colors and textures in the plants themselves!  Using similar planters with different heights of plants is a great way to create interest without creating a mishmash.  Olive pots are beautiful, and can fit into many styles of decor- from rustic, to shabby chic, to traditional.

Decorating with Indoor Plants | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz


I am head over heels about the use of potted pines in this living room.  I mean, gosh, who doesn’t want a forest in their home?  While potted trees are common indoor plants, potted pines (what are these, ponderosa?) are not common.  These trees provide a wonderful sense of scale, along with a unique visual interest that you don’t see often in decorating.

Indoor Plants | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz


These wood crates are perfect for holding small plants, and also perfect accessories for a rustic home.  Again, experiment with different heights in a group of three crates- plants like rosemary, lemongrass, or basil will also make your house smell delicious!

Indoor plants in interior design | Home on the Range

Image via Garden View Cottage


Speaking of herbs- how cute are these little tea tins that have been repurposed into herb planters?? Adorable!  Grow little plants, snip off what you need while cooking, and let them continue to flourish!  Don’t forget to keep these on a window sill where they can get plenty of light.

Indoor plants | Home on the Range

Image via fffound


Ok, so this one’s pretty eclectic… it may not be for everyone, but I still think it’s a cute idea!  Stick a potted plant or two into open drawers on a decorative piece for another fun way to incorporate plants into your decor.

Decorating with Indoor Plants | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz


The combination of the old wooden crate and the funky glass jar in this picture are perfect!  I love the look this creates, it’s creative and rustic and fun all at once.

Decorating with indoor plants | Home on the Range

Image via the Cottage Market


Finally, here’s a great idea for all of you non-gardeners.  A long, low box of faux blooms is an ideal fix to the “what to put under the tv” conundrum.  It looks so fresh and pretty too!

Interior decorating with indoor plants | Home on the Range

Image via DIY Home Decor


To get started with your own interior garden, stop in to the Home on the Range showroom today!  We have crates and pots and baskets and boxes galore- everything you need to incorporate creative plants into your home.  For more ideas on how to bring nature into your home, visit us on Pinterest!








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