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One of the best things about this field is that I get to share design ideas and learn about my clients’ tastes and design visions. The social networking site Pinterest is a dream to me because it makes it so easy to share photos and ideas.  I love unwinding at the end of a day by scrolling through photos on Pinterest and finding the places, quotes and decorating ideas that captivate me.  When I am on other blogs or on Facebook, I will often find a photo that stands out enough to me to save to one of my boards on Pinterest.  I love the fact that I can express various aspects of my personality on Pinterest by finding things that inspire me from all areas of life, and not just focus on interior design…although you will see many boards related to color, texture, rooms and accessories.

Inspirations range from architectural details….

architectural details

Beautiful stone fireplace and wood ceiling

To color and texture inspirations….


color and texture inspirations

Inspiration from Urban Farm and Gardens

One of my favorite boards is “doors and windows” because I believe doors and windows allow us a glimpse into the soul of a place.


A board that gets me excited is “my bucket list” because I love to travel to get new ideas and meet new people, and when I find a place that merits going into that category, I get excited and begin to dream about going there.  This photo from Romania really appealed to me because of its color and old world charm.

Source: via Lynne on Pinterest


I created a board called “funny, notable and inspirational quotes” where I put anything that expresses my opinions and feelings about life and relationships. I love to go back weekly to read what I have on that board because it always helps me to put things into perspective!  Here is one of my favorites!  It describes a wonderful approach to life



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Do you use Pinterest?  I’d love to see what inspires you.


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Reply August 22, 2012

I LOVE all the colors in these photos! I spend wayyyy too much time on pinterest!

    Reply August 22, 2012

    I agree Payje - sometimes I know I need to call it a night but keep thinking "just one more"!.

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