Outdoor Kitchen Design – From Rustic to Refined

I always feel as if simply setting your table outdoors turns any meal into a festive event!    In our past posts on al fresco dining we have shown examples of  outdoor dining spaces, great outdoor tabletop ideas, our top patio furniture picks and stunning outdoor living spaces.  The next  important component of outdoor dining we would like to highlight is the kitchen, along with the appliances for outdoor kitchens that have evolved to the point where your outdoor kitchens can be every bit as functional as your indoor kitchen!  Just think about not having to traipse back and forth to the kitchen but to have everything right at your fingertips!

From the simple rustic fire pit where you can roast marshmallows or grill hot dogs, to the refined outdoor kitchen and dining space complete with flat screen television, there are outdoor kitchen designs to suit every lifestyle and budget.  Below are some great examples of creative outdoor kitchens that reflect a variety of entertaining styles and fit into a wide array of environments.

In this  kitchen by Urrutia Designs the walls fold back to turn an indoor space into an outdoor space in a matter of minutes.  What a great way to prolong your outdoor dining season!

Outdoor Kitchens

The integration of the cook top and refrigerator in the low wall of this rooftop patio kitchen by Chicago Green Design, Inc. maximizes patio space, maintains a flow around the perimeter and maintains the stunning view of the Chicago skyline. 

Outdoor Kitchens

The kitchen on this covered porch by Cornerstone Architects is beautifully finished with wood cabinets and fireplace surround, giving  it a feeling of luxury and taking advantage of the spectacular surroundings.

Outdoor Kitchens

An age old, time-tested kitchen – a great take by Design Associates on the simple fire pit concept to grill meats and cook marshmallows!

Outdoor Kitchens

Spinnaker Development’s  outdoor kitchen design comes complete with television!

Outdoor Kitchens
And then of course, you can’t forget the products that make outdoor dining a success… Be sure to take a look at the great tips for selecting outdoor appliances from House Logic

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

An outdoor gas grill from Subzero/Wolff

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances 

An outdoor pizza oven

There are also a lot of resources for outdoor kitchen cabinets and you will see some great examples at Kitchens.com

Hopefully we have given you some good ideas to  help you create a wonderful outdoor kitchen, geared to your lifestyle and primed and ready for those special summer evenings. For more  information about how to build an outdoor kitchen of your own just push the  “like what you see” button, or click here to  contact Home on the Range. 


Images 1 -5 via Houzz (as linked above), SubZero-Wolf (6),  House Logic (7), Kitchens (8)


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