Our Favorite Christmas-scapes

Christmas time is finally really here, I have just been so excited about it!  I love the lights, the trees, the smells, the spirit, the music, and mostly the SNOW that we’ve been getting in the last few days!  To celebrate the season, Home on the Range is going holiday from now until the big day!  Join us for a series of Christmas blog posts that will help you get inspired to bring the holiday spirit into your own home (if it’s not already there).  

Today we’re sharing some of our favorite Christmas-scapes with you.  Whether you’re in the mood for tree-scapes, mantle-scapes, table-scapes, or entry-scapes, look no further.  We have compiled a collection of Christmas decorating glory that we hope will help inspire you to take your own Christmas-scape to the next level.


Outdoor Christmas-scapes:  Incorporating items like lanterns and candles with a wreath or leftover greenery from your Christmas tree makes a beautiful impression without taking up too much of your precious holiday time.  Try arranging greenery in containers like baskets, planters or old washtubs and adding pine cones and branches for a rustic approach.

Image via Blomsterverkstad

Image via Modern Country

Image via Houzz

Christmas table-scapes: Setting your table for Christmas is one of the easiest ways to add a holiday feel to your home that also makes it feel well polished and put together.  Mason jars are ever-popular centerpieces, and using different sizes and styles creates a little bit of visual excitement and variety.  Candles are a table’s best friend, not only during the holidays, but at any time of the year.  Candles are pretty, and you can use different colors and shapes to highlight your current decorating theme.  Best of all, when lit, they contribute an intimacy to your dining experience that is hard to achieve without them… think “mood lighting”.

Image via Houzz

Image via Houzz

Christmas mantle-scapes:   There are so many many many ideas for decorating your fireplace mantle for Christmas, whether it is big or small, fat or skinny, short or tall.  The mantle decoration is one of the most eye-catching displays, and will set the theme for your entire Christmas decorating scheme.  Adding or changing a few simple elements can give you an entirely different feel, so play around with it and see what works best for you!  A few key elements to get you started are candles, greenery, and berries (or anything else that will add a splash of color)  Here are some of our favorites:

Image via Michael Graydon

Image via Laughing with Angels

Image via Growing up Gardener

Image via Houzz

A few extra details:  At Home on the Range, “It’s all in the details” are words we live by.  Seriously, the details make the space.  Focusing on the small picture will create a unique environment, and will begin to allow the big picture to fall into place on its own.  Look at what you already have in your home and try to imagine what you can work with to create something new.  If you are unsure of where to start, or if you are just looking for a little bit of extra inspiration to fill in your decorating holes, you can try a few of these easy decorations that are simple and elegant, but pack a big style punch.


Image via Pinterest

Image via Jim Fairfax

Image via Chic Fluff

Enjoy your Christmas decorating time, and don’t forget to stop into our showroom for all of your last minute decorating items!  All of our Christmas decor is 30% off through Christmas Eve!


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