Lodge Style- Done Right!

Not to start this post off negatively, but I know what everyone is thinking and I just want to put it out there on the table- there are so many ways to do lodge style WRONG.  You may be picturing a vast expanse of cedar furniture- matching beds and nightstands and dressers and mirrors.  You may be picturing musty bedding with silhouettes of howling wolves beneath life size paintings of bears on skis.  Or, you may even be picturing that dark A-frame rental you once vacationed in- you know, that one with 70s appliances, a tiny river rock fireplace… and a bear rug.  But forget everything you’ve heard, today we’re going to show you lodge style- done right!

Lodge style done right is intriguing, beautiful, and everything you would want your ski retreat/fishing camp/lake cabin to be.  Furniture pieces made from natural materials, subtle antler accessories, warm colors and textures, and hints of forests and wildlife are all key factors in creating the perfect lodge home.

Natural Materials:

This double sink vanity combines natural with classy with its birch bark accents, log border and (drum roll please) VESSEL SINKS!  The three different types of wood used in this vanity make for such an elegant and unique woodsy piece.  We are doing a custom version of one of these vanities for a client where we will include a custom stone countertop!

Lodge style done right | Home on the Range

Old Hickory Vanity with Birch Bark Accents



This “Forest Edge” bed features live edge tree slices with beautifully hand crafted wooden posts.  No more giant yellow cedar logs, this bed makes a more striking (and more subtle) statement, don’t you think?

Lodge style done right | Home on the Range

Forest Edge- Live edge bed



It’s important to include wildlife in a lodge setting, but you can do it in a way that is more classy and less hokey.


This cast elk lamp brings antlers into the equation without the overwhelming force of large taxidermied elk heads (which are also okay if that’s what you’re going for, but in this post we’re looking at more subtle ways to achieve the look).  The feather print shade also brings another lodge aspect to this piece that you don’t even notice at first, but it really adds a lot!

Lodge style done right | Home on the Range

Beautiful Cast Elk Lamp


This is one of my FAVORITE fabrics!  We have used (and are using) different colorways of this fabric for curtains at a hunting/fishing camp in Meeker, CO, and also for pillow shams at a winter snowmobiling retreat on Buffalo Pass.  This fabric is so beautiful, and what I love about it is that it brings an elegant wildlife theme to a space rather than a cartoon-ie or western one.

Lodge style done right | Home on the Range

Lodge Wildlife Fabric


Art is another way to incorporate wildlife into your lodge space.  Along the lines of the rest of the post, when choosing art, go for the more natural scenes.  Basically, stay away from bears wearing clothes, on skis, around fires, or in any other number of human situations.  We’ve seen this before- it doesn’t work out.  I love this canvas print of an Alaskan brown bear- the texture of the fur and the green color in the background really help contribute to a lodgy feel.

Lodge Style Done Right

Bear canvas print



Texture plays an integral role in setting a stage for any style.  In lodge style it’s no different: texture is key.  It is always easy to add texture, and it can mean the difference between a flat look or a complete one.  Combine rough and soft textures for a rustic yet comfortable feel that will keep you cozy all winter!


This is one of my favorite little nooks ever, in a Western mine style home that we did on Burgess Creek.  The rough natural stone on the wall only makes the lanterns and candles seem brighter, so rather than a cold rocky space, this reading nook becomes one of my favorite warm, cozy places.

Lodge Style Done Right

Stone floor, bench and wall reading nook


Faux fur throws have become a popular staple in design recently, and for good reason!  A fur throw will instantly add texture and warmth to any place it occupies

Lodge Style Done Right

Faux Fur Throw


Forests:  Bringing the forest into your lodge style space combines all of the other advice we’ve given you so far.  Subtle views of the forest can be incorporated through art, natural materials, and fabrics.  While pine and cedar veneer logs are okay in moderation, try to shift instead towards a more natural  look with bark, twigs, and live edges.  Use images of aspens and pine trees, and incorporate color and texture into whatever you choose.  


This canvas print of a Rabbit Ears Pass photo is perfect for lodge style because it brings not only visions of the forest, but also color, variety and style.

Rabbit Ears Pass | Home on the Range

Rabbit Ears Pass Canvas Print


This living room with aspen woodwork/beams is a great example of how to bring the forest into your home.  It’s incredibly unique, and I think incredibly beautiful!

Lodge style aspen beams | Home on the Range

Aspen beams- Image via Pinterest


Stop in to our showroom today where all of the products from this post (with the exclusion of the last photo) are available and in stock now!  We would love to help you update your lodge look, or any other look that you are going for.  You can also visit us on Facebook and Pinterest to get new design ideas every single day!





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Reply July 10, 2013

Amen! I love lodge decor, but that round log furniture makes me cringe. That fabric you showed is beautiful. Makes me think of a European hunting lodge.

    Reply July 18, 2013

    Oh thank you Carol! So glad there are others like us out there! That fabric is probably one of my faves in the whole world... thanks so much for stopping by!

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