How to achieve a Rustic Cabin feel

Rustic style is perfect for the interior design in Colorado cabins, Western lodges and mountain retreats. We loved the tips in a recent Houzz ideabook on “Ways to Get the Rustic Cabin Look,” and we wanted to share a few of our favorite points from the piece. Here are some that we think hit the nail on the head:

Coziness is key. Add elements to make your home look comfortable and lived in such as antique furniture pieces, old textiles and period lighting.

Incorporate different materials. Mix reclaimed wood floors and timbers with aged copper or rusted metal.

Reclaimed pine floors and fir timbers paired with the rusted metal hood give this kitchen a cozy rustic feel.

Make the fireplace a focal point. This tends to be a great place for coming together in the home.

Older is better – the patina of age adds charm and old items often have a story to tell.  When we work on a rustic cabin style home we, along with our clients, start collecting antiques and quirky interesting pieces at the beginning of the construction process so each “find” adds to the story of the house.

Our client found this old dry sink that was perfect for a powder room vanity. We used light fixtures from Lieutenant Moses Willard to keep the period feel.

Mix in elements from different places and time periods.  We love the concept that an old rustic cabin would have been homesteaded by someone from the East Coast who would have brought European Antiques, old quilts and Asian pieces with them on the Wagon train and then added hand-hewn furniture and rustic painted pieces as time went on.

Old quilts and a piece of antique lace at the window add a feeling of age to this cozy chinked timber cabin room

Visit Houzz to read the full article. Which design elements do you think help define comfortable rustic style? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts—we’d be happy to hear from you.

Images: Interior design by Home on the Range; Photos by Tim Murphy; Architecture by Joe Patrick Robbins AIA


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Reply May 31, 2012

Nice article and I think you're right on the mark! When we remodeled our mountain home I found some vintage pieces which were fun to incorporate (such as an antique oak mantel which I got for much less than a new, inferior quality, piece would have cost). I absolutely love the dry sink powder room you used and wonder if I might link to it in my blog? Thanks!

    Reply May 31, 2012

    I'm so glad you liked the post. We would be honored to have you link the photo of the sink to your blog. I looked at your blog and love your idea. Good luck with building it and feel free to link our blog or photos to your when you see something that will work for you. You might want to take a look at our website with our portfolios because we have a lot of homes with reclaimed wood and rustic design on our site.

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