Featured Artist: Susan Schiesser

As you’ve seen in previous blog posts, at Home on the Range we like to collaborate with wonderful artisans and artists who help add a special touch to the homes we work on .    Susan Schiesser is one of our favorite artists.   Her art works beautifully in our more eclectic and contemporary homes but is versatile enough to transition into more traditional homes as well.

One beautiful piece by Susan is sitting on the fireplace mantel in this warm rustic contemporary  living room.

In this eclectic dining room by Home on the Range, another of Susan’s paintings adds a great splash of color and complements the burnt orange fabric on the Berman Rosetti dining chairs and the colors in the chandelier from Crystal Glass Studios.

As Susan describes on her website, her work often contains influences from nature and the environment, and her style is “contemporary realism.” Here are a few more works by Susan that illustrate the dynamic nature of her art:

"Bali" by Susan Schiesser

"Rainbow Barcelona" by Susan Schiesser

"Passionate Undertow" by Susan Schiesser

Visit susanschiesser.30art.com to find out more about her and to see more of her stunning paintings.

If you’re interested in one-of-a-kind interior design, contact Home on the Range today.

Images: 1-2 Interior design by Home on the Range; 3-5 Works by Susan Shiesser


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