Designing for the Western Lifestyle: Western Cowboy

Western Cowboy design harks back to the long days in the saddle and to the rugged individuals who made their way west to carve out their corner of the wide open frontier.

Lynne Bier of Home on the Range worked closely with architect Joe Patrick Robbins, builder Gary Cogswell and their clients to create the Western Cowboy/Homestead Ranch style homes seen below.

Western Cowboy is the mixing of age-old materials; the leather of chaps with rough-sawn barn boards.

Indian and Cowboy memorabilia play a big role in layering on the character of the Old West. Flea markets, antique shops and auctions are great places to hunt for just the right pieces. You can add these pieces into a room to give it a touch of cowboy if you don’t want it in a whole house!

The furniture we put in this Old Western Ranch-style house is a blend of antiques brought out from the East paired with rough handmade furniture and quilts.

The master bedroom above features a four poster bed from Tiger Mountain Woodworks, a handmade reclaimed maple armoire from D. Andrew Cates and a chandelier from Lt. Moses Willard lighting.

The bedroom designed for the grandchildren makes use of an antique tablecloth we cut up to make curtains, antique quilts and old fashioned spindle beds. Pictured is another period lighting chandelier from Lt. Moses Willard.

To read more about the houses shown above, visit Steamboat Magazine, Architectural Digest and Ski Magazine – Mountain Life.

–Lynne Bier

Images: Photos by Tim Murphy; Interior designs by Home on the Range; Architecture by Joe Patrick Robbins, AIA


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