Christmas is Coming


We had a very late Thanksgiving this year, which means that now we are that much closer to Christmas!  Only 20 days away to be precise!  Have you started your decorating yet?  Be honest- did you do it before Turkey Day?  I won’t tell anyone.  At Home on the Range, we love Christmas decor, and we ESPECIALLY love rustic Christmas decor.  Whether you already have your home decked out in holiday glory, or you haven’t quite gotten around to starting yet, here are some great rustic holiday decor ideas to get you going (or keep you going).

I really love the rustic crate centerpiece in this room, but what I love the MOST here is the little tree in the olive bucket.  I’ve seen galvanized tubs used as tree stands before, which I thought was pretty creative, but I think the tiny tree in the olive bucket is even better!  So cute and so rustic!

Rustic Christmas Decor | Home on the Range

Image via Fern Creek Cottage


Vintage sleds are great for rustic holiday decorating, and we see them used pretty frequently here in the mountains.  I think that adding a holiday wreath to the sled is a great idea!

Rustic Christmas Decor | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


This lovely little corner piece brings in four of my favorite rustic decor items: buckets, twigs, pinecones and birch/aspen logs.  This is a great piece for the corner because it will add depth, height, and texture to your space, and really give a natural Christmas feel to the room!

Rustic Christmas Decor | Home on the Range

Image via to Spitaki mou


Once again, here are a few of my favorite things!  This time, they took logs and pinecones and added burlap, mason jars and candles!  This centerpiece is so beautiful.  It brings nature right into the house using simple, easy to find items.

Rustic Christmas Decor | Home on the Range

Image via Home Insides


This advent calendar is ADORABLE.  If you have the time and the craft skills, this would be the perfect addition to any rustic Christmas home.  All you really need is a big picture frame, tiny buckets, and twine, and voila!

Rustic Advent Calendar | Home on the Range

Image via Craft-O-Maniac


This is the first of what I am certain will be multiple holiday posts from Home on the Range this year, so stay tuned!  We love the holidays, and we love to share the holiday inspiration that we find.  For more ideas, visit us on Pinterest, or like us on Facebook.






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