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Earlier this week we talked about faux fur, why we love it, and where to put it.  Today, we’re going to share with you some of our very favorite faux fur products!  All of these products are either in stock at the showroom or can be ordered by simply contacting us!


This faux fur beaver neck roll would be a perfect finishing touch for many different styles of bedding ensemble.  Whether you have a comfy lodge collection or an elegant chalet feel, this neck roll will fit right in.  Did I mention that it’s probably the softest and most comfortable thing in the whole world?

Beaver Faux Fur Neck Roll | Home on the Range

Beaver Faux Fur Neck Roll | Home on the Range


What I love about the coyote faux fur is how natural and woodsy it looks.  While other faux furs can be dressed up or down, this one is pretty casual, and perfect for rustic environments.  We currently have a couple of these throws on hand in the showroom, come snuggle up in one!

Coyote Faux Fur Throw and Pillow | Home on the Range

Coyote Faux Fur Throw and Pillow


How cute is this faux fur trimmed stocking?  This is the perfect accessory for Christmas in the mountains- it would look great in a condo, home, second home, Santa’s sleigh… whatever really!

Stocking with Faux Fur | Home on the Range

Stocking with Faux Fur


These faux fur trimmed soft goods are some of my favorites.  I love the tweed fabric, the lodge motif embroidery, and, of course, the faux fur on the edges adds so much to these pieces!  While they don’t necessarily work amazingly for drying dishes, they sure look great!

Faux fur trimmed accessories | Home on the Range

Faux fur trimmed accessories


To order or purchase any of the items above, stop into the showroom today!  You can also contact us through our website, or leave a comment and we will get back to you!


At Home on the Range, we are kind of obsessed with Ralph Lauren fabrics.  I think it’s safe to say that.  Not only are the colors beautiful, the styles timeless, and the materials top notch, but many of the collections fit seamlessly into our Rugged Elegant mountain design visions.  Though many of the patterns stay the same (because, like we already talked about, they are timeless), Ralph is always ahead of the curve when it comes to colorways.  There are hundreds of different Ralph Lauren patterns and colorways, but our favorites tend to be wools and linens, plaids, casual florals and native prints.  Below are some beautiful pictures that show the diversity of these lovely textiles, and also one of our new favorites!

This sofa incorporates a really creative mix of different fabrics that are perfect for a rustic and maybe slightly eclectic mountain lodge.

Ralph Lauren Fabrics | Home on the Range

The neutral hues in this living room, and I can’t even imagine how lovely it must feel to curl up on that sofa!  The mix of faux furs and wool would be heavenly!

Ralph Lauren Fabrics | Home on the Range

This is a great example of a little bit different way to use Ralph Lauren textiles- rather than in just pillows, bedding or upholstery, here they have used one of Ralph’s Sacred Mountain blanket fabrics for draperies, and another Trading Post collection fabric for the bench cushion.  Love this!

Ralph Lauren Fabrics | Home on the Range

Though there are so many different ways to incorporate Ralph Lauren fabrics into your room, I think that bedding is probably one of the most delightful- you can’t beat the heaviness and warmth of wool on cold nights!

Ralph Lauren Fabrics | Home on the Range

Last but not least, we wanted to share one of the patterns from the newest collection that just came out this summer, which we absolutely adore!


To find out more about incorporating Ralph Lauren looks into your home, contact us on our website!  Or, you can like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all of the latest home trends!

About a year ago, we did a post on wallpaper and its re-appearance in the world of interior design.  When we created that post last September, we had only been seeing the briefest glimpses of the recurring trend, and wanted to share it with you because we knew it was beginning to make its comeback.  Since then, wallpaper has returned full force, which is wonderful because there are so many ways to use it!  We’re not dealing with that revolting 80’s floor to ceiling, wall to wall stuff anymore.  Now we are instead seeing wallpaper used to accent and compliment the existing colors, patterns and textures of a space.  You are going to be so surprised to see the different kinds of wallpapers that are available, and I’m so excited to tell you about them!


We’re going to split this post up into three different categories: color, texture, and pattern.  Each category can be interchanged or mixed depending on the look you are going for, but for the most part wallpapers fall into one of the three, so it’s the easiest way to talk about them!


Color is most often mixed with either pattern or texture when dealing with wallpaper, but it’s still important for it to have its own category!  Color, above all else, will be the first and foremost thing that will either contribute to or detract from the feeling of your room.  When choosing color in a wallpaper, first ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish with the wallpaper.  Do you have a room with mostly neutral furniture pieces and flooring that you would like to add a bold splash of color to?  If yes, consider brighter tones when choosing your wallpaper.  Bright papers that have patterns in complimenting colors can really add character to an otherwise run of the mill space.

Tips on Choosing Wallpaper | Home on the Range

Image via Kravet


Tips for Choosing Wallpaper | Home on the Range

Image via Schumacher


On the other hand, if you already have a lot going on in the room, you can choose a milder color that reflects the feeling in the rest of the room without fighting with it.  In this case, it might be a good idea to consider papering an accent wall, rather than the entire room.


Mostly all wallpapers come with either a pattern, a texture, or both.  Otherwise, why wouldn’t you just go ahead and paint the wall?  Patterned wallpaper is so much fun because it gives you a world of choices that normal old paint does not.  The right pattern on your wallpaper can instantly create the look that you are going for in a way that furniture and flooring just can’t do.  Here are some great examples of how a specific wallpaper pattern gives an instant style to a room:


Tips for Choosing Wallpaper | Home on the Range

Image via Decorpad

Tips for Choosing Wallpaper | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

Tips for Choosing Wallpaper | Home on the Range

Image via Schumacher

Tips for Choosing Wallpaper | Home on the Range

Image via Anthropologie




Texture is one of the most fun things about the new wallpaper craze!  There are all sorts of textures available in wallpaper that give a new life to the trend.  Grasscloth is one type of texture that is rapidly gaining in popularity.  It adds a style that can be eclectic, homespun, or exotic, depending on what it is paired with.

Fabric options are another of my favorite wallpaper textures.  There are some beautiful wool textures, as well as denim and patterned velvet that I think would look (and feel) beautiful in the right bedroom.


Tips for Choosing Wallpaper | Home on the Range

Image via Schumacher

Tips for Choosing Wallpaper | Home on the Range

Image via Kravet


When choosing a wallpaper, it is important to remember the things that we talked about in this post, as well as a few other things too.

  • Make sure that you choose a wallpaper that you will love for years to come.  While bold patterns like chevron may be at the peak of popularity at the moment, think about how you feel about 80’s floral prints now, and realize that that is how you will feel about chevron in a couple of years.  Find something timeless.
  • Consider the size and layout of the area you are papering.  If you are wallpapering a cramped room, don’t cover all of the walls.  Choosing an accent wall will still convey your look without overwhelming anyone who steps into the room.
  • Get creative.  Paper things that you wouldn’t usually consider papering, like the ceiling!  But also remember to take into account the way it will feel when living it it- for instance, a dark paper on the ceiling will make the room feel dark and small, but a light paper on the ceiling with a subtle pattern will add more depth and character to the room!
  • Feel it out.  Choose the mix of color, texture and pattern that best work for you, remember to be creative, but don’t go crazy!

For more wallpaper ideas, and lots of other ideas too, follow us on Pinterest!  You can also like us on Facebook to stay up to date with everything that we are doing at Home on the Range, as well as get daily inspiration delivered right to your wall!

A few weeks ago, we had a visit from our lovely friend Kay from Home Elements who came to show and tell us all about their new bedding collections!  And let me tell you, they are fantastic!  Today I wanted to share three of them with you, just in case you are looking for were new bedding!  Or even if you weren’t… maybe these will inspire you!

The Santa Fe Collection:

Home Elements Santa Fe Collection | Home on the Range

Image via Home Elements

This is my very favorite of the new collections, that’s why I put it first!  I love the pattern on the shams and duvet cover, it’s really beautiful and has a great tribal feel, while still remaining elegant and not too geometric or over the top western.  I also love the fabrics that are paired with it, the houndstooth adds another dimension that really contributes to the color and style, and the red coverlet and sham fabric compliments the patterned fabrics beautifully and helps to bring out the reds in both the houndstooth and the pattern pieces.  This bedding ensemble would be beautiful in any mountain home!


The Sun Valley Collection:

Home Elements Sun Valley Collection | Home on the Range

Image via Home Elements

I love love love the colors here!  Everything is so well matched in this collection, and it really makes me smile!  We often talk about how careful you have to be when incorporating the color blue into mountain homes, because it can so quickly become cold and icy feeling, but this ensemble warms up the blue in an incredible way.  I don’t think I could ever feel cold if I was wrapped up in this blanket!  For a while, we were seeing trends lean towards all greys, beiges and “greiges” , but now, thankfully, we are seeing the reemergence of color, and gosh are we excited about it!



The Santa Barbara Collection: 

The Santa Barbara Collection Home Elements | Home on the Range

Image via Home Elements

This collection is just so IN right now!  Between the greys with pops of yellow, the flowers and the chevron, this is about the most trendy bedding ensemble I’ve seen!  I love the use of color along with the grey and white.  This ensemble would be just perfect for a teenage girls room, or for a chic guest room!


If you like what you see here, would like to know more, or would like to talk to us about ordering bedding, please feel free to contact us any time!  We carry, and are able to custom order the entire Home Elements line!  If you would like to see more from Home Elements (who were recently featured in Mountain Living Magazine) you can visit them on their website, where you can take a look at all of their different collections!


Today we are excited to have a guest post for your viewing pleasure!  We would like to say a big thank you to Bryan from for contributing a super informative post on PAINTING your wood floor.  How unique and fun is that?  Painting a wood floor can either add a traditional, rustic, or eclectic look to your room, depending on how you do it.  If you have any questions along the way, or just want to find out more, you can visit for yourself for help, or for more great ideas!  So, without further ado, take it away Bryan!


Get a Fresh Look: How to Successfully Paint Wood Floors


If there’s one thing I love about wood floors, it’s gotta be versatility. Refinish ‘em, stain ‘em or paint ‘em, it’s absolutely up for you to decide. Yes, you read that correctly: paint ’em.


Painting floors has been practiced in North America since the late 1700s. Styles varied from monochromatic plains to parquet-like patterns, and popular colors included white, yellow, green and red. More than just for aesthetics, painting wood floors helped protect the wide plank wood floors that were popular at that time.

How to paint floors | Home on the Range


Following rapid development and industrialization advancements, painted wood floors took a backseat and gave way to carpets, clear coats and manufactured floor covering like linoleum and vinyl. However, artistry and creativity have once again made painted wood floors very popular.


Inexpensive, vibrant, and easy are just a few of the reasons that people have turned to painted wood floors for a quick update to make their rooms look fresh and brand new.


Here are the steps to follow to successfully paint wood floors:


Be sure to know what you’re doing and gather your materials.


Read, watch, ask and research how to do it, more so if you intend to do it yourself so you get familiar with the tools you need, how to use them and how much they’ll cost. More importantly, try to find out more about the wood floor you intend to paint so that you know which paint products will work best with them.

How to paint floors | Home on the Range


Prepare and clean them up.


Preparing means removing all furnishing and fixtures together with any protective or decorative additions to the wood floors to be painted like mats and area rugs. If the wood floors have been some form of coat or finish, sand them off. You can have local contractors include it in the project or you might want to head out to Home Depot or other similar shop to rent out a machine for $50 or so a day. If you’re sanding it yourself, remember not to stay too long on a particular spot so that you don’t end up with uneven wood floors to paint. More importantly, remember to sand in the same direction as the grain.


Before you proceed with sanding, quickly but thoroughly inspect all the wood floorboards that you want to paint. This is the best time to do repairs or replacements of the floorboards if you want to make the project go as smoothly as possible.


Once you’re done sanding and there is nothing on the surface except bare wood, sweep or vacuum thoroughly to remove dust and wood residue. Finish off cleaning up by wiping the wood floors with a wet mop and a tack cloth.

How to paint floors | Home on the Range

Primp and prime


After cleaning up, apply primer to the wood floors before applying paint. Primers are important to the success of your painted wood floors so be sure to look for the appropriate priming product. Begin application at the edge of the room using a brush. Once you have covered all the edges, work inside from one end to the other. Let the primer dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.


Applying the first coat


Apply the first coat in the same manner you did the primer – brush it from the edges then work inward. In general, it is advised that you use oil-based paint for wood floors as they can appear more polished and, if you make mistakes, it’s easier to sand them off.

How to paint floors | Home on the Range

Another neat trick in successfully painting wood floors is to use a natural brush in applying paint instead of rollers to create a smoother finish.


After the first coat has been applied, allow it to dry completely then lightly sand using 220-grit sandpaper. You can also use sand screens with a drywall pole sander then clean up with a damp dust mop and tack cloth.


Apply a second and third layer of paint. Keep in mind that each layer should be as thin and even as possible. The thicker the coats are, the easier they wear out.


Dried and cured

How to paint floors | Home on the Range


Be sure to let the painted floors dry completely to ensure success. Let it dry before you start walking on it and once its dried, to be safe, allow 24 hours before bringing in the furniture. Be mindful of those stilettos too.


While drying can take 24 hours or less, complete curing of the paint can take up to four weeks. So be sure to consider that before dragging in the piano or anything.


Follow these steps and don’t be afraid to explore colors and patterns to create a fresh look for your wood floors.



About the Author:

Bryan Vu is a home improvement blogger and community outreach associate for BuildDirect, a leading flooring and building materials provider online.

Hello and welcome to our 4th installment of Ask the Designer!  Our questions this week are all across the board


Question 1:

Carole asks: What are some good ways to incorporate rustic decor into a non-rustic house?

Answer:  Great question Carole!  There are so so so many ways, and a lot of them depend on just how dedicated and ambitious you are!  Probably the very best way to incorporate rustic decor is through accessories.  Accessories are a great way to add any style you want to a home because they can contribute so much character, yet they are also temporary, so if or when you ever want to change them out it’s an easy process!

Rustic Accessories | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


Rustic Accessories | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest



Light fixtures are another great way to add a rustic feel to a home without a massive overhaul.  Though you may not notice it consciously, lighting and light fixtures make one of the biggest impressions on a space.

Rustic Lighting | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

We actually did a blog post pretty recently called “5 Steps to a Rustic Room” that I would love to share with you in response to this question.  It features ideas big and small that you can implement to give instant “rusticness” to your non-rustic house.  You can pick and choose the ideas that work for you, and if you do make any of these changes, we would love to see pictures of them!


Question 2: 

Sandy asks: How do I organize a scrap book/bonus room, 25×24, help!

Answer: I love to organize things so much, so thank you for asking this question!  It gave me time to think about all of my favorite organization ideas, and now I’m excited to tell you about them!

My favorite tip for organization, especially in a small space, is to hide things in plain sight.  Although it sounds like you don’t have too small of a space, you can still use this tip to your advantage.  Rather than filling the room with large cabinets, shelving or closets, consider adding a knitting chair with a basket of yarn next to it, or a large craft table with drawers/storage underneath, like this one:

Craft room organization | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range

Another thing that looks great in crafty areas if you do want to keep everything perfectly organized and hidden, is to use unique furniture case goods/storage pieces rather than cheap plastic Wal Mart specials.  Think about how eclectic your craft room could look with a rug in the middle and mixed dressers, cabinets, armoires, etc around the wall?

Craft room organization | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

Use space above and below these pieces too by strategically placing baskets, buckets and crates that can be filled with supplies.

Craft room organization | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest

Craft room organization | Home on the Range

Image via The Green Children


Remember that you are not trying to achieve a stark interior with a place for everything and everything in its place!  My favorite rooms are the ones with lots of character, and lots of STUFF!  The more you put in your room, especially if you love it, the more eclectic your space will be.  On that note though, remember to make it into a space that you want to work in.  If you hate seeing any clutter at all, you probably will want to go a more synchronized, matching route.

Craft room organization | Home on the Range

Image via Within a Quarter Inch

Craft room organization | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


Or if, like me, the more you see the more inspired you are, then a mix and match craft room will be just the ticket.


Question 3: 

Susan asks: I have old venetian blinds in my condo.  The windows are small, but I want to do something new.  Ideas?

Answer: When recommending window treatments, I always check these things first:

  •     Is there a view you need to frame? Is it high – like a mountain peak, or low – like a lake or valley.
  •     Do you need privacy – are there other buildings, people walking by etc.
  •    Is it for a bedroom?  Do you need black out or is light filtering fine?
  •    Do you want to be able to see out of the window, or can you block part of the view?
  •    Do you have enough depth in the window for inside mount treatments, or do they need to be mounted outside the window
  •    If outside the window, do you have room above the window, and to the sides for rods and stack


Once I have the answers to the above questions then we can look at options that will work for each scenario.


For a condo – or really any home, a Silhouette can be a good option.  They have ultimate flexibility of being up all the way, down and tilted open to block glare and provide some privacy, but still not feel closed in, and all the way closed for either room darkening capabilities or simply full privacy.  They come in a multitude of fabrics and colors and just recently unveiled a new cordless easy rise version.  I love that because I always hate to see all of the cords hanging down in the window from window shades!


If you have a lot of windows and don’t want to go around raising and lowering shades all of the time, then drapes or curtains are a great way to go.   As long as you have the room to mount the hardware and stack the drapes back off of the window, then they provide the convenience of one or two easy tugs to cover up those windows!  They also provide opportunity to add pattern and color to a room.  There are so many wonderful drapery styles that we will leave that for another post!

How to choose window treatments | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz

How to choose window treatments | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz


If you need privacy for someone walking by outside then a bottom up, top down shade is often a great way to go.  That way you can leave it halfway up and get your privacy, but still see out the top.  I love to use this option in a powder room window.  Guests don’t want to raise or lower the shade when they go into the room but if you leave the shade closed all the time, then why have a window?  In this case, just leave it halfway up all the time so your guests don’t feel “exposed” and yet you still get light and some view. 

How to choose window treatments | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz



How to choose window treatments | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz


If you need some privacy, but don’t need to frame a view, then stained glass can be a fun option!

How to choose window treatments | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz


Sometimes all you need is to block the glare on a television or computer screen and yet preserve your gorgeous views!  This scenario calls for solar shades.  They give UV protection and block glare at the same time allowing you to see through them to the view!


Thanks so much to everyone who submitted questions for this month’s round of Ask the Designer!  You may have seen our recent blog and Facebook posts announcing that Ask the Designer was actually featured in last month’s issue of Mountain Living Magazine!  How exciting is that?  If you have a question about design, decorating, organizing, painting, flooring, you name it, you can submit it to us through the comments on this blog post, or on our Facebook page!  We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions next month!

Because heaven knows, we could all use a more organized kitchen.  I really love some of these ideas, some are rustic, some are modern, and some are just plain practical!


These built in open shelves and plate holders make it easy to stay organized, but show off all of your beautiful china at the same time!

Kitchen Organization Ideas | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz


Oh my goodness, wouldn’t you just love to have your own coffee stand?  Not only does this add a great visual element to the room, but it also frees up space on the counter, as well as in cabinets where you would normally keep all of those coffee cups and sweeteners!

Kitchen Organization Ideas | Home on the Range

Image via For the Love of Coffee


This “spice drawer” idea is a perfect way to store all of those teeny bottles that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else!  Just make sure all of the lids stay on tight or you will be vacuuming cumin out of corners for days!

Kitchen Organization Ideas | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz


I don’t know about you, but I think this might be the cutest and most creative way to hold and organize kitchen utensils that has ever been invented!  Take the head of an old/antique rake, hang it on the wall, and bam!  Perfect utensil holder!

Kitchen Organization Ideas | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


Here’s another great storage idea- whether you you have a pantry, a cupboard, or just some shelves, these glass canisters are a fun way to keep your cooking supplies organized.

Kitchen Organization Ideas | Home on the Range

Image via The Farm Chicks


A basket or wooden crate is a great method for on-counter organization.  Large, low boxes or baskets allow for a lot of different items of different sizes and heights to be organized beautifully in one spot, without creating a vision of clutter.

Kitchen Organization Ideas | Home on the Range

Image via Nell Hill


Finally, another great way to organize your kitchen AND your life is this pretty list board.  You can make one of these with an old frame (with glass).  Line the area behind the glass with burlap, then use a dry erase marker to write lists and reminders on the glass- it makes for a lot prettier picture than millions of notes stuck on the refrigerator!

Kitchen Organization Ideas | Home on the Range

Image via Jill Ruth


For more great organization ideas, follow us on Pinterest, and stick around for our Ask the Designer posts, where we answer reader questions about interior design, organization and more!



Not to start this post off negatively, but I know what everyone is thinking and I just want to put it out there on the table- there are so many ways to do lodge style WRONG.  You may be picturing a vast expanse of cedar furniture- matching beds and nightstands and dressers and mirrors.  You may be picturing musty bedding with silhouettes of howling wolves beneath life size paintings of bears on skis.  Or, you may even be picturing that dark A-frame rental you once vacationed in- you know, that one with 70s appliances, a tiny river rock fireplace… and a bear rug.  But forget everything you’ve heard, today we’re going to show you lodge style- done right!

Lodge style done right is intriguing, beautiful, and everything you would want your ski retreat/fishing camp/lake cabin to be.  Furniture pieces made from natural materials, subtle antler accessories, warm colors and textures, and hints of forests and wildlife are all key factors in creating the perfect lodge home.

Natural Materials:

This double sink vanity combines natural with classy with its birch bark accents, log border and (drum roll please) VESSEL SINKS!  The three different types of wood used in this vanity make for such an elegant and unique woodsy piece.  We are doing a custom version of one of these vanities for a client where we will include a custom stone countertop!

Lodge style done right | Home on the Range

Old Hickory Vanity with Birch Bark Accents



This “Forest Edge” bed features live edge tree slices with beautifully hand crafted wooden posts.  No more giant yellow cedar logs, this bed makes a more striking (and more subtle) statement, don’t you think?

Lodge style done right | Home on the Range

Forest Edge- Live edge bed



It’s important to include wildlife in a lodge setting, but you can do it in a way that is more classy and less hokey.


This cast elk lamp brings antlers into the equation without the overwhelming force of large taxidermied elk heads (which are also okay if that’s what you’re going for, but in this post we’re looking at more subtle ways to achieve the look).  The feather print shade also brings another lodge aspect to this piece that you don’t even notice at first, but it really adds a lot!

Lodge style done right | Home on the Range

Beautiful Cast Elk Lamp


This is one of my FAVORITE fabrics!  We have used (and are using) different colorways of this fabric for curtains at a hunting/fishing camp in Meeker, CO, and also for pillow shams at a winter snowmobiling retreat on Buffalo Pass.  This fabric is so beautiful, and what I love about it is that it brings an elegant wildlife theme to a space rather than a cartoon-ie or western one.

Lodge style done right | Home on the Range

Lodge Wildlife Fabric


Art is another way to incorporate wildlife into your lodge space.  Along the lines of the rest of the post, when choosing art, go for the more natural scenes.  Basically, stay away from bears wearing clothes, on skis, around fires, or in any other number of human situations.  We’ve seen this before- it doesn’t work out.  I love this canvas print of an Alaskan brown bear- the texture of the fur and the green color in the background really help contribute to a lodgy feel.

Lodge Style Done Right

Bear canvas print



Texture plays an integral role in setting a stage for any style.  In lodge style it’s no different: texture is key.  It is always easy to add texture, and it can mean the difference between a flat look or a complete one.  Combine rough and soft textures for a rustic yet comfortable feel that will keep you cozy all winter!


This is one of my favorite little nooks ever, in a Western mine style home that we did on Burgess Creek.  The rough natural stone on the wall only makes the lanterns and candles seem brighter, so rather than a cold rocky space, this reading nook becomes one of my favorite warm, cozy places.

Lodge Style Done Right

Stone floor, bench and wall reading nook


Faux fur throws have become a popular staple in design recently, and for good reason!  A fur throw will instantly add texture and warmth to any place it occupies

Lodge Style Done Right

Faux Fur Throw


Forests:  Bringing the forest into your lodge style space combines all of the other advice we’ve given you so far.  Subtle views of the forest can be incorporated through art, natural materials, and fabrics.  While pine and cedar veneer logs are okay in moderation, try to shift instead towards a more natural  look with bark, twigs, and live edges.  Use images of aspens and pine trees, and incorporate color and texture into whatever you choose.  


This canvas print of a Rabbit Ears Pass photo is perfect for lodge style because it brings not only visions of the forest, but also color, variety and style.

Rabbit Ears Pass | Home on the Range

Rabbit Ears Pass Canvas Print


This living room with aspen woodwork/beams is a great example of how to bring the forest into your home.  It’s incredibly unique, and I think incredibly beautiful!

Lodge style aspen beams | Home on the Range

Aspen beams- Image via Pinterest


Stop in to our showroom today where all of the products from this post (with the exclusion of the last photo) are available and in stock now!  We would love to help you update your lodge look, or any other look that you are going for.  You can also visit us on Facebook and Pinterest to get new design ideas every single day!






Big news!  The “Ask the Designer” series that we have been doing here on the blog is featured in this issue of Mountain Living magazine!  We love everyone over at Mountain Living, and love reading the magazine (and looking at all of the beautiful pictures!) in every issue.   Pick up the July copy of Mountain Living- you can find our feature in The Latest section, where they feature fun, up and coming events and information from the mountain design industry.  Or, you can also check it out online when the digital edition comes out!

If you have a design question that you would love an answer to, join our Ask the Designer conversation!  You can post your question on our Facebook page, tweet us, or leave a comment here on the blog! We would love to hear from you with any questions that you might have.

Thanks again Mountain Living!



Did you know that we have a store?  I bet you did.

Did you know that we have 2300 square feet of store?  I bet you didn’t.

We call it a showroom, but it is full of pretty much any neat thing that you would need for your home, and everyone is invited.  Art, furniture, accessories, rugs, gifts, lighting, you name it, we have it.  And, what we don’t have, we can order.  Just for you.  There’s just too much at the showroom for me to give you a full-on virtual tour, so I’m just going to share a few of my personal favorite things that are in stock right now. 

 I just love this coffee table made from an old railway cart.  It’s reclaimed and industrial and western all at the same time!  

Old cart coffee table | Home on the Range

Rail cart coffee table


These vintage “olive buckets” are finding their way into rooms of every style- they look great in shabby chic, country cottage, rustic, industrial chic, western, and even coastal/beach spaces!  We have a few different styles of buckets at the showroom right now, and we are about to fill them up with beautiful summertime flowers!  

Turkish Olive Bucket | Home on the Range

Turkish Olive Bucket


This lamp made from hand cut slate is so beautiful and unique!  I love the colors, shapes and variation in this lamp.  And, what’s even better, we have them in four different shapes and sizes!

Slate Lamp | Home on the Range

Slate Lamp


You may not be able to tell from this picture, but this is a massive floor mirror with beautifully textured reclaimed style wood.  And who doesn’t love a good floor mirror?  This mirror would be absolutely perfect for a mountain/rustic contemporary bedroom, closet or living room.  Actually, it would be perfect for just about anywhere!

Rustic Floor Mirror | Home on the Range

Rustic Floor Mirror


We have actually been carrying these tripod lamps for a while now, and people love them!  Myself included.  They are such perfect additions to rooms where you need a unique but functional focal piece.  We have a table lamp version of this lamp, and a floor lamp version, so no matter what you are looking for we have you covered!

Tripod lamp | Home on the Range

Tripod Lamp


Ok, I know it’s summer time and you may not want to roll yourself up in a fur blanket at the moment, but cozy warmth is NOT the only thing these throws are good for!  We are seeing fur throws used more and more in nearly every design situation to add another level of texture to a space.  These blankies are also great for adding a little bit of warmth and color to a room.  And then, when winter comes back, you start the fire and snuggle up in it!

Faux fur throw | Home on the Range

Faux Fur Throw


These antler plaques are another item that has found itself inserted into numerous different design styles in the last year or so.  I love the details on these little guys, they would look great stacked on either side of a mirror or headboard, or in their own grouping on a wall.

Antler plaques | Home on the Range

Antler Plaques

To see what else we have, you’re just going to have to come peruse for yourself!

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