Bunny Williams’ Smart and Stylish Interior Design

Home on the Range designer Lynne Bier enjoyed the Design Bloggers Conference last week and wants to spotlight renowned interior designer Bunny Williams, who gave the keynote speech on the final day of the conference.

Lynne Bier and Bunny Williams

If you’ve been following the conference buzz on Twitter, you may have seen how much everyone loved Bunny Williams’ talk  – so much that Bunny received a standing ovation!   She has a wise outlook on the industry, and her interior design style is a marriage of beauty and function. Blending modern and traditional pieces in her design, Bunny strives for—and achieves—timeless spaces that are comfortable and lived in, characteristics that are easily seen in the design of her own apartment:

Here are a few of the points from Bunny’s talk that Lynne Bier says really spoke to her:

Select several quality pieces of furniture and you will have them forever

Stay neutral on your main upholstered pieces and then you can use pillows and throws to change things up when you want to add a new touch

Study everything you can, travel for new ideas and stay organized.  Design takes a lot of work and focus

Give back to the community and mentor young designers

Mix in pieces from different eras and different countries to keep your design interesting

Visit BunnyWilliams.com to learn more about the interior designer as well as her BeeLine Home collection.


Images via bunnywilliams.com


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Dovecote Decor
Reply March 12, 2012

My big take on the Bunny talk was that she takes her camera everywhere. Becoming a blogger has made me a camera happy girl. I just see more of the world by going back through my files. She was absolutely great, as was the design fated Martyn. Come by and say hello.

Lynne Barton Bier - Home on the Range Interiors
Reply March 12, 2012

Hi Liz,
I definitely agree with how important cameras and phones have become to bloggers and designers. I love to take photos wherever I am traveling because there are always great design ideas out there to be incorporated in some design or blog down the road. After looking at the amazing photos you got at Casa Contessa I must say that you are a much better photographer than I am. Your blog was fantastic and colorful and inspiring! Were you with Cheryl and Deb and their daughters?
We aren't arriving in High Point until Sunday evening and may have a client arriving on Wednesday but I would love to try to connect while we are there if possible! Are there any events of seminars you are planning to attend?
All the Best,

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