Among the Aspens

If you follow our blog regularly, then you know how fond we are of bringing the outdoors in when it comes to design.  There is nothing more rustic than the outdoors, nothing that says “lodge” more than the forest itself.  One of the most unique and striking ways to bring the outdoors into your home is by using actual trees.  Yes, you can ACTUALLY bring the forest inside your house.  While you can do this with all sorts of log furniture, flooring, beams, etc, one of the most unique ways that I have seen to do it is by using aspen trees.  Aspen trees are gorgeous, and also characteristic of the Rocky Mountains- they are a hallmark of the beautiful place that we call home, so why not make them a hallmark in your own home?  Here are some ingenious ways to use aspens when creating your own indoor forest:


Aspen Wall- Okay so this room doesn’t really look like it’s in the mountains, I don’t think you would be wanting to sit under a twig ceiling when the snow started falling!  But, I do love the use of aspens as a dividing wall in this space!

Aspen Beams | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


Aspen Beams- This may be the neatest thing I have ever seen!  I actually don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything similar to the aspen woodwork in this room.  The different shapes and textures of the aspen logs make for a beautiful and rugged looking space.

Aspen Beams | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


Aspen Bed- These full sized aspen trees (minus the leaves) add a rustic sense of depth and height to the room, while the chandelier helps keep it classy and remind you that you are in fact in a bedroom and not the woods.

The Aspen Theater- I can’t tell if these are real aspen trees or not- maybe they’re birch trees?  Maybe they’re fake trees?  Either way, they’re so creative!  Even tucked away into a room with no windows, there’s no forgetting that you’re in the mountains here!
Aspen Shelf-  I love the use of aspen trunks in these shelves.  Using furniture pieces made from aspens will help incorporate the look into your space without having to make it a focal point.
Aspen Tree Furniture | Home on the Range

Image via Pinterest


The Aspen Hall- Look at this one!  This might be one of my favorites!  Covering an entire wall in your home with aspen logs would be a bold step, but if you were willing to take the leap it would be a beautiful statement!

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