Guest Post: Creating a Rustic Look with Flooring and Carpet

Today we are excited to have Larry Fisher guest posting for us! He is a floor guy and has lots of fun flooring tips to share with us! You can read more about Larry, and Empire Today (the company he writes for) at the end of the post. Thanks Larry!

Creating a Rustic Look with Flooring and Carpet

A room designed with a “rustic” appearance has great appeal; it’s charming, cozy, and evokes the feeling of being home. To create this kind of look, it’s often best to start from the ground up – with the floors themselves. As some of the most visible elements of a room, flooring and carpet are major design components that help define any space. Flooring and carpet are essentially part of the room itself, making them a great place to start when it comes to creating that rustic feel.

Stone Floors

Rustic Stone Floor | Home on the Range

Image via Home on the Range

A stone floor is one way to accomplish this look. Found in nature, stone is often used for outdoor spaces such as patios and gardens. Used in a family room or kitchen, stone helps to bring some of nature indoors. Its imperfect, rough quality and natural beauty are reminiscent of outdoor landscapes and will help create that unfinished, rustic look.

Hardwood Floors

Rustic Hardwood Floor | Home on the Range

Image via Pale and Interesting

Hardwood flooring can also achieve a rustic feel. While many imagine the high gloss, smooth planks that are popular right now, hardwood can also have a handcrafted, worn appearance. Depending on the stain and grain of the wood, hardwood can be indicative of a cabin in the mountains. Additionally, it will work well in a room that already has several types of wood featured, whether in the furniture or the décor. The contrast of multiple types against one another has an antique, eclectic look similar to reclaimed wood.


Rustic Carpeting | Home on the Range

Image via Houzz

Depending on the pattern, style and color of the carpet you choose, you can use it to help in creating a rustic or country look. Sturdy, hardworking fabrics can really add to this feel, and textures like that of a natural wool carpet can suggest a handmade quality. Mellow or even faded colors can add warmth to the room and make a new carpet have a time-worn appearance. Additionally, the mix of a patterned carpet with the other fabrics in a room can help you achieve that eclectic, country style.

What types of flooring and carpet do you prefer for a rustic space?

Larry Fisher writes about home renovation and home décor on behalf of Empire Today, which specializes in carpeting, laminate and hardwood flooring, and window treatments. Visit Empire Flooring for more home decorating ideas.


Reply March 22, 2013

I really love the photos you posted and the info too.

Keep posting!

Rustic flooring
Reply March 27, 2013

Hardwood flooring looks nice..It gives rustic feel..thanks for posting.Rustic flooring also provides timeless beauty to your home.

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