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Hi everyone – I was on a cruise for the holidays and we didn’t get this post published so you will need to keep these holiday decorating inspirations for next year! Here are beautiful photos of holiday décor perfect for not only Western homes but eclectic enough to use in a variety of environments:

We love the use of the snow shoes above the mantel along with the Christmas decorations in this space – together they create a mountain-style Christmas feel.

These neutrals sparkle beautifully, and we like the snow shoe photo, too!

This is a fun napkin look from Better Homes and Gardens.

Another great napkin look, also from BHG.

This is a hand-painted ornament from Home on the Range

…another ornament from Home on the Range…

…and a rustic holiday table setting from Home on the Range.

Happy Holidays from Home on the Range!

Photos: 1 via Log Home Living; 2 via HGTV; 3-4 via Better Homes and Gardens; 5-7 Home on the Range

At Home on the Range, we love color!

Take a look at the two rooms below to see how the paint color sets the mood, from fun and lively to calm and serene.

We definitely agree with Laura Martin Bovard, who told Decorati Access:

“More than just about any other design element, paint color can make—or break—a room. The first factor [to] take into account is how the room will be used.”

Likewise, we determine how a room will function, along with our clients’ favorite colors and how they want their space to feel. Asking to see a client’s wardrobe helps us narrow down the colors they enjoy on a daily basis.

Selecting a paint color involves more than just picking a shade on a paint chip. We choose the color based on all the finishes that will appear in the space, and try out a bit of paint on the wall to make sure it looks great at every time of day.

Home on the Range recently repainted the interior of a new house for our clients who were savvy enough to realize the original paint color was affecting how they felt in their home. Not only did the wall color make their skin look grey-green, but it also fought with other elements in the house, including the trim and flooring.  The clients thought the trim would need to be replaced but once the new paint color was on the walls, they decided they could forego the expense of replacing the trim!

Paint color influences our behavior and mood. Curious about the psychological effects of paint in various rooms of your house? Check out this fascinating article.

What are your favorite colors, and how do you use color in your life?

Photos by Tim Murphy; Interior Design by Home on the Range

When there’s snow outside for five months straight, it’s important to create interiors that are warm and inviting. Here are some recommendations from Lynne Bier on ways to cozy up your rooms so you can snuggle in on those blustery winter days.

When everything outside is white (sometimes with a blue sky)…. you want to warm it up inside!

When you select your interior finishes, use a lot of warm woods for beams and trim and add stone on fireplaces and even on walls to cozy up a room.

Use colors like Sherwin-Williams Croissant to keep a feeling of sunshine in the house even in the midst of a blizzard!

Sherwin-Williams Croissant

Reds and coppers used in rugs and accessories will bring the warmth of a fire into the room and help keep the chill at bay!

Soft greens for fabrics and pillows are reminiscent of pine boughs and aspen leaves and mix beautifully with the golds and coppers of the walls, rugs and accessories.

Whenever you are decorating a house, keep your environment in mind. When you are at the beach, you want to keep your colors cool so you can feel like you are getting a respite from the hot sun. Conversely, when you are in a snowy environment, you want to use warm colors to get rid of the chill as soon as you step in the door! Stay tuned for more decorating tips from the Home on the Range designers or contact us to set up a complimentary consultation.

—Lynne Bier

Images: Photos by Tim Murphy; Interior designs by Home on the Range; Architecture by Joe Patrick Robbins, AIA; Builings by Cogswell Construction